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Lifeboat for Constructo Albatros - Suggestions

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I'm just finishing my first build, the Constructo Kit Albatros. I added a few details of my own such as barrels on the deck and now I want to make a lifeboat to hang in the stern. Anyone's got any suggestions and/or plans? I guess I'll use the "leftover" wood from the kit...




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If the boat is hung from stern davits, the length can be figured out pretty closely as the rings to which the falls were attached in the boat would probably be spaced about the same as the davits.  Drawings of boats showing the rings can be found in a number of books including Lavery's Arming and Fitting, W.E. May's book,  on ship's boats.   From there an approximation of the overall boat length can be determined.   A cutter or small pinnace might be appropriate and plans can be found on line at the NMM collections site.  I am not near my books, but W. E. Mays book may be a help for design as well as some scantlings appropriate to the mid 19th century.  I just did a quick search at NMM collections and found a number of cutter drawings including a 23 foot from 1852.   These are not high res when downloaded but most are 1/24 scale so should be clear enough to work with.  Google National Maritime Collections, then in the search box near the top left type  cutter or pinnace and a list of drawings and pictures will appear.  Click on them one at a time and the drawing comes up and when you scroll down below the drawing, a write up including date of the drawing can be found.   Hope this is a help.



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