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Charles W Morgan Planking and whale boats

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Good Sunday Morning;


I am a person who has yet to figure out how to plank 'anything'.  I have run out of solid hull models and decided to open a box that has been waiting for about 18 months.


It is the Morgan (Model Shipways) and this is probably good because several have been built on this forum.


I have much to do before I get to the planking stage so this is a question in advance. 


The instructions state that I should make the tick strip for the planking directly from the plans page.  Belts A and B look reasonable (???) but Belt C looks impossibly small/thin.  Is this the way you master builders did it or should I use the method of measuring the plank width, times it by the width of the belt and so forth?


It is also required to build the whale boats from layers (the shapes are provided) and carve or sand them into shape.  Can someone tell me how this was done in "real life".  I am especially interested in how the interior of the boats where accomplished. 


I hope that my questions are clear enough for all to understand.  Again no rush, I am just planning ahead.


Thanks so much



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I'd suggest reading the planking tutorials here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/14-building-framing-planking-and-plating-a-ships-hull-and-deck/

and here:  http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-framing-and-planking-articles.php


There's a wealth of information in them.  Some of it is repetitive but each author has a different slant.   Part of planking is finding which method works best for you.


Oh. and then there's the Jim Robert's book:  Planking the Built-up Ship Model which to me, helps put it all together.

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Whale boats..... If they are monomoys or similar,  the tutorials will surely help.  You may be able to get information from Mystic Seaport such as drawings and photos.  The internet is chock full of plans and photos, a few of which are attached the last being a whale boat being built for the Morgan






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Hello Chuck, please check out my website for photographs as well as many pictures on how to plank the Morgan (Build Log Part I for planking) and Build Log Part V for the whaleboats. I am currently working on making the oars and harpoons for the whaleboats. I am quite happy with how the boats turned out. Let me know if you need any help or specific pictures. I visited the Morgan again this summer and too some 400 pictures which I will be posting shortly. There is much information on my website.




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