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Liver of Sulfer vs Casey's Brass Black

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Hi All,


I have read in a number of build logs that one can use Liver of Sulfer to blacken brass when it I'd already attached to wood with no ill effects on surrounding wood. Does the same thing hold true for Casey's Brass Black? Thanks.



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Liver of Sulfer (LoS) will not blacken Brass. It will however blacken Copper. If you use Copper in lieu of Brass, then use the LoS and yes, you can use it in situ without any ill effect to the surrounding timber. It is a good idea to wash of any excess with plain water though. You can see some examples where I've used it on my Bomb Vessel Cross Section build.


Birchwood Casey Brass Black is good for blackening Brass, but must be rinsed thoroughly after use. It should NOT be used in situ.

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