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Topgallant Yard Braces

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Typically, topgallant yards do not use a pendant with a block to which the braces are attached. The braces attach directly to the yardarms, run aft to single blocks attached to the topmast stay, and then down to a fife rail, pin rail, etc., port and starboard. It seems to me that, instead of the one single block for each brace, one double block attached to the topmast stay could be used. Each brace would have a separate sheave so each brace could still be hauled independently. I look forward to hearing your opinions on this matter.



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Hi wq;


It may be a bit too late to add my thoughts,  but here goes:


the braces approach the stay from different sides,  with an angle between them.  The sheaves in a double block are parallel,  so the ropes need to approach with no angle between them.  Blocks on a span can swing to match whatever angle the brace approaches at.


All the best,


Mark P

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