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Decking for small models, well any models

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Discovered this while I was looking for a better way to make draft marks for my submarines.  DECALPRO offers a nice easy system to make your own dry transfer decals.


Using this system I came up with ways to make decking. With this technique material thickness will not be an issue, and it can be used on any surface.


As always there are a few issues with a new technique.  You will require a laminating machine recommended by the manufacturer.  I found one on Ebay. You also need a laser printer, and a heat gun.


You can do like I did and create your decking in the PAINT program on windows.  (NOTE: This deck is way out of scale and proportion so I could show you the technique.)  You can also hand draw the deck and then scan it in your computer, or you can find deck patterns on the Net.


The decal instructions will show you exactly what to do to set up the special decal paper and transfer Mylar film.  The laser printer uses toner which is plastic. When printed on the special paper the image is bound to the paper by a water soluble chemical. A Mylar carrier sheet is laminated to the special paper.  This causes the image to bond with the Mylar carrier sheet with static.  The deal is then given a water bath where the chemical in the paper releases the image to the Mylar film. The image is dried with a paper towel then sprayed with an alcohol based adhesive.


For demonstration I used a piece of Mahogany.  The image is laid down and rubbed with a paper towel. Then the backing is peeled away.


For the colored deck. I demonstrate on white card stock. If you choose to place your deck on say grey polystyrene then you will have to reverse your image in the computer,apply the white foil film to the back and then use the carrier Mylar. 


You can use this system to make name plates, sails, just about anything.











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