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Hi Mates, I need some advice regarding cannon ropes

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I’m trying to button up details on my Vasa weather deck.


I need to coil the carriage ropes. I have seen some beautiful work here in that regard, but I don’t remember reading about any good technique(s).


How should I coil the ropes, and keep them in place before re-positioning them next to the carriages? I’m also concerned about scaring the deck with glue marks.


I do know that many cut the ropes just under the pulleys and then “attach” the coiled bits on each side.


I include a photo of my messy deck so that you may have a better take on my dilemma. Thanks for any advice. I have learned so much here at MSW in these last two years!






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I used a method somewhat similar to that link, except without the fancy tools. :)


What I did was leave the ropes from the blocks long, then I would hold the long end of the rope between my fingers so that I could 'twist' it.  While doing that, I used a paint-brush and 'painted' the rope into position with 50/50 white glue/water mixture.  It's sort of hard to explain, but once I got the trick of it down, I was able to complete my coils pretty quickly and with a minimum of fuss.  After the coils are complete and trimmed, they can easily be moved around for final positioning in the wet glue/water mixture on the deck, and then shaped if needed.  Then dab with a soft cloth to remove excess glue, and let dry.


You would obviously want to do a test run or three on a sample deck section to make sure that it would not look bad on whatever decking you have.  On my holly deck, there is no sign of the glue/water mixture around the ropes, even though it was wet all around the coils.

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Ken Foran's going through the same thing right now Michael, and he seems to have found a pretty good method for that, and he's doing them on the deck.  You'll need to read a few posts down, but he goes into pretty good detail about it, starting here at this post: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/10038-us-brig-niagara-by-xken-model-shipways-scale-164/page-15#entry334302


Hope this helps a little


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