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I am working on the MS model (#2020) of the Mayflower for my grandchildren. They've decided that they want sails on the ship and the plans that come with this kit do not include schemes for sails.

The model is scaled at 5/32". Rigging is likely to need enhancement, and I feel I can work out any modifications.

Do any members have plans or drawings that would give me dimensions and rigging plans for sails? Appreciate any help.

Was given Chuck Pasaro's name, as he drew the plans, but have no email address for him.




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I have just looked at a few books on my shelf.   William Baker's book, "The Mayflower and other Colonial Vessels"  contains a sail plan.   Although I do not know where to get the plans, I am sure they are available from someone.  Perhaps someone reading this knows.  Also, David Antscherl  published an Article in the Vol. 58, No. 4 Winter 2013 issue of the Nautical Research Journal regarding his new interpretation of a 1600 merchantman(his idea of what the Mayflower may have looked like).  He had no sail plan then.   Also I looked at  Brian Lavery's book the Susan Constant in the Anatomy of the Ship Series.  The Mayflower is accepted to be 180 tons.  Although the Susan Constant is about 100 tons, Lavery's book may be a good place to start in order to develop sails and a sail plan for the Mayflower.  Like all the Anatomy books, Lavery has drawn all the Susan Constant's sails.   A Copier works wonders when you need to scale something up or down.


Phil Roach

Director NRG

President  Ship Modeler's Guild, Southwest Florida

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If you can find a copy of "The New Mayflower Her Design and Construction" by William A. Baker there is four sheets of fold out plans in an envelope in the back and one of the sheets show a sail plan. I used it lay out my sails.

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