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Pirate ship by JesseLee - BOTTLE - Finished

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Since my Syren build will be a very long term project I will work on some smaller builds on the side starting with this one. I love hot sauce & save bottles of every different kind I try. This one has a pirate Captain Rodney on the label. I though it would be cool to put a pirate ship in it. The bottle will stand up on this one because the label is staying on. It will be one of my hot sauce bottles & a ship in a bottle at the same time. Because of the labels the ship will only be able to be viewed from 2 sides instead of all the way around. Thought it would be fun to do something a little different in between the steps of my big build. Here are some pics of the bottle, the basic shape of the hull block, the ship on my flimsy jig with bowsprit cut & fitted on & my very sketchy plans.








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Wow, thanks to everyone commenting & following along!


Next I started working on the masts & how I would hinge them. I have seen the wire hinge method but I wanted to challenge myself & see if I could make a wood hinge in the mast itself. It took a few tries but it worked out. I drilled the small hole after shaping it & used wood splinters cut out with razor edges. When they raise up they will look more like a solid mast going into the deck.


My computer is scrambling the photos out of order every time I try to load them now so I will have to post a few pictures at a time several times. here are the 1st 2. The next 2-3 will follow - then the next until I can get all 7 posted








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Hey Jesse

That's really clever and skilful work on the hinges. I know that if I tried something similar, well, it'd probably split (and I'd need to go to see the local Catholic priest for confession-too much swearing!!!). What's your secret?

Incidentally, you're not alone with the photos loading out of order. I have exactly the same problem too. On a slightly different note, I also seem to receive posts out of order as well. For instance, your posts about the sea and placement of the hull into it, didn't appear until now, ie after the posts about the paper bulwarks. Strange, though, but it's not the end of the world.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your next instalment



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After you hit the "attach this file" button, under the thumbnail is "Add to Post".  Put the cursor where you want the pictures and hit that button.  The order you hit them will be the order they appear.


I'll this update.  Wooden hinges... wow.

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Patrick, I'm not sure. I just try it to see if it works. I assure you, they don't always work the first time. Somehow it worked. Also it doesn't have to hold up to much, just to get the ship built & in the bottle then they will never be moved again.


Mark, thanks- I'll try that

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First painting stages of the hull. Put wire staples in for shroud lines to be tied to later. Pre- drilled a few rigging line holes. Made windows for Captain's cabin. Painted on paper, cut out to shape & glued then on.





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