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Blue Jackets Atlantic kit

Blue Pilot

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I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts, experience with Bluejacket ship crafters model the Atlantic.




n a search of this forum I only came across one reference, a single build log from another manufacturer in reference to this majestic ship.  In a quick search of the internet I found she has a very interesting history and would make a beautiful model.  I would like to hear your thoughts.  For more clarification I am also looking at MS Bluenose which has a lot of build logs and I even have Robert Hunts Practicum I believe laying around some ware.  I want to build either ship with a full set of sails.  Either model I feel is well within my skill level however, rigging a ship with sails will be a new challenge for me.  Both have similar sail plans other then 3 verses 2 mast, so I don’t think one will be much more challenging than the other but that is just a hunch.




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Hi Mark,
I've done both and they are very different not only in construction but finished product. The choice of sails or no sails is always personal and totally up to you.
The Atlantic when finished is much more delicate visually and in scale, so I decided to not add sails. The Bluenose has a different presence. The model is not as delicate and can handle the volume of sail cloth more easily. Again my choice was to omit the sails. I've lost my Bluenose pictures in a computer crash (no backup) and the model is out of my hands with my kids on the east coast. But I've attached some of the Atlantic.

Enjoy the build whichever you pick.





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