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Model workshop layouts

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We are in the process of having a new house built and I have a new workshop location dedicated to building wooden model ships. It is "L" shaped one leg being about 8' x 13' and the other leg being about 6' x 16'. I would really like to see some pictures of model workshops that other builders have so I can get some ideas of how I could best layout my workshop. Would really appreciate you all sharing any pictures you may have of your work areas. Thanks

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Hi Tim, you have lots of options for 200 square feet.  There are many photos of workshops already posted to this forum.  


My second suggestion is to get a copy of Antonio Mendez' book "William Frederick's Scale Journey' in which he has very good photos of his workshop and how he crammed many tools and storage ideas into smaller spaces.  (I have a new one for sale on ebay for under $9 - William Frederick's Scale Journey (321834853112) )  

His book is also full of great ideas and techniques for building models. 


Anyway, best wishes in setting up a new shop.                      Duff

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