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Shipyard H.M.S. Wolf, 1754 - 1:72 Scale Laser Cut Kit


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Just thought I'd share some photos I took of the new kit from Shipyard. This is a nice looking kit that's more expensive than many of their other kits, but a lot less than their HMS Mercury kit. HMS Wolf is a 10-gun brig of war. She's actually "Snow Rigged" meaning that she carries a small mast immediate aft of the main mast, which carries the spanker sail, boom and gaff.


The ship is small, and while the Laser Cardboard Kits are all of a larger scale than their Paper Model kits, it's still only 1:72-scale, so the model measure about 20.5" long complete.


As with all the Laser Cardboard kits, this one contains all the paints, spars, blocks, rigging line, sails, turned brass cannons and swivel guns. It also includes resin castings for the figurehead and some of the carvings. Other flat carvings are laser-etched cardboard.


The Laser Cardboard kits also include instruction books, far better than the instructions provided in their less expensive Paper Model kits.


For other information, you'll just have to take a look for yourselves...























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Mark has the link posted. With the latest shipment that Ages of Sail received, there are 5 of them in stock. At the moment, the sixth one is in my hot little hands here...


I want it badly, but it's actually inspiring me to push along on my Alert build. Also, making me thing about taking on one of the smaller Laser Cardboard Kits, like the French lugger Le Coureur or schooner Berbice.


Too much cool stuff out there...



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I have a bit of an ignorant question which I can't work out.  Are the Shipyard kits like HMS Wolf, Alert etc all on white paper/card requiring 100% painting of all parts  or is the parts pre-printed with colours, details etc.


The reason I ask is they always appear to supply paints with there sets but then see Shipyard models which look so good with the colours they appear colour printed. The full painting of all parts would be well outside my skill level I think.




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Hi Slog,


A good question. Shipyard has 4 main product lines and two of those product lines include ship model kits. One product line is their "Laser Cardboard Kits," which includes this HMS Wolf kit, and the other are their "Paper Models."


The Paper Models are all 1/96-scale and have parts you have to cut out yourself and they are printed in color.


The Laser Cardboard Kits are boxed edition kits in 1/72-scale. The parts are all laser cut from plain white card stock, and the necessary paints are included in the box (as well as paint brushes). Some items like decorative friezes are not laser cut, but are printed in color.



Hope that helps!



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