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Enterprise by src - Constructo - 1:51 - or Lessons in Adapt Improvise and Overcome

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7 hours ago, src said:

Not outstanding, but better. I will sleep on them and see how I feel about them in the morning.

Since you have time on your hands, you can always redodelydumdo them ........


Left looks pretty good to me, you cut it somewhat short on the right one. Getting a bit mean, been to Holland?

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Thanks everyone and to all who hit the Like button.

Carl, agree, its not quite as bad as the picture makes it look, the angle I shot from exaggerates it, but it is a bit short. Then again, I could always put the taller hands on that side.....


Mark, I did something similar, rather than white glue I used artist matte medium. The thing I am really struggling with at the moment is getting the horses to hang straight for some reason.

My Fore Top Yard is better, but still some flaws. Like Carl said, I have plenty of time to re-re-redo things, however what I dont have is rope to keep re-doing and finish without making another purchase.


Dennis, It has calmed down here a bit, might get crazy again come the weekend. We will be ok, Better Half is still working, for the moment. She works at a school that teaches cinematic makeup, prosthetics etc. They closed the classrooms and sent all the teachers home Monday but there is a skeleton crew holding the fort down till at least the end of the week. We will be fine; I was watching what was going on in China way back in early Feb. and started buying some extra shelf stable goods, a little bit each week just to be ahead of the freakout if/when it came. Glad I did, on Saturday when I went into my local neighborhood grocery store for fresh produce and meat for the week there was a feeding frenzy going on. It was two hours before I got out with just a basic purchase of meats, fruits and veggies. Oh, and for some reason I felt the need to buy a 5 pound package of American style Swiss Cheese.....! Not even the real thing. 😂😂 Fortunately almost everybody was being pretty stoic about the whole thing, extra polite, very little cutting/pushing/shoving. However, there was one guy, every time I got anywhere near him he was ranting about how this is all this political figures' fault. Broken record, he was worse than me complaining about not being able to work on my build!😂  Other than that, we have a saving account and an earthquake kit, we wont starve.

Now, does anybody know where I can get a years supply of toilet paper???? And, who wants a grilled cheese sandwich with me???


Current progress on the Fore Top Yard. You can see what I mean about the Horses not hanging straight. I clipped a alligator clip to the ring adn painted it with matte meduim but they still want to go screwy on me.

I need to spend some more time with PS Elements, apparently there is no way to write custom actions, sub-optimal. I have to go poking around my old PS folders and find my actions and transfer them over.





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