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I am just trying to get my painting skills up to a better level.


I  have been doing some practice on various test bits of scrap but I have come across a simple problem - edges

 For example I am trying to paint to a good standard a couple of sections of timber  roughly 5mm x 5mm in section -

walnut and  box but i dont think the problem lies in the choice of wood.



So the book says paint and sand ,paint and sand etc ect till desired finish is obtained , working finer in grit size - works fine on flat areas but every time I sand  shaped pieces the edges  become bare . 


So that however many coats I put on overall , the edge is still only going to have one coat !


Guidance please ?

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Nope sanding sticks  or blocks.      When I thought about it - the edges are alwaya going to take a liitle extra treatment by being an edge but  no matter how careful I am - to keep piece and sanding device parallel there is always that little bare edge.


I wondered if it because the corners on the piece are simply too sharp - should I round them a bit.

Or is the secret to get enough layers nicely finishes to get to the required level and smoothness and then stick another couple of layers on with no sanding. 

Or am I just trying to get too good a finish??

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Thats the pragmatic answer then - round the edges off .  

And it works - it quite surprising just a trace of a softening of the edge  and its soo much better !


As it happens I was on a vessel yesterday and am bearing a large bruise - from an unrounded edge !


(And you are wrong Druxey EVERY vessel has a sharp corner - the pointy bit at the front! :) )

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