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18th Century Longboat by Dan Vadas - 1:100 scale - BOTTLE - using most of Chuck's Practicum - FINISHED

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Hi all,


A while ago I'd intended to build a Real de France in a bottle, but I've changed my mind on that as it's going to be a present for my girlfriend and she wasn't keen on the ship. I've since deleted the topic I'd started.


So I've gone with her preference, which is a model of Chuck Passaro's 18th Century Longboat in a much smaller scale (1:100). It might be just a tad easier than the R de F :D . Here's a pic of the finished article (Chuck's, not mine) :


Side View.jpg


I have a very nice (empty :( ) bottle of Dimple Scotch Whiskey which will be suitable, as I'm intending to build with a lofted mast and oars. The triangular shape of the bottle will accommodate both these features nicely. The bottle is 200mm long (including the neck) by 90mm wide/high


Here's a pic of a scale pic of the boat in the bottle, just to make sure it fits :D . These two pics are about the same size as the real thing will be :


First Try.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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I have every confidence that you will do a brilliant job (as usual)'

I would advise not to partake of whisky to calm your nerves during your build as you may

end up emptying another bottle and have a compulsion to build another (ship in  a bottle) and end up in a

vicious cycle!  Just kidding. I am looking forward to you facing the challenges of this build!

Good luck, Danny!


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Thank you to the Peanut Gallery ;) for your support - this should be fun :D .


Here's the first step. I carved a Plug for the hull, which I'll plank the same way I did the Cutter for Vulture.


I'm assuming that a 26' Longboat will be proportionally thinner amidships than a 18' Cutter (i.e. they would both be about the same width) - there would be no need for extra width, as one man per thwart would still apply. I've made the hull as wide as will be possible to fit into the neck of the bottle, but still wanted the hull to be as long as possible.


Final dimensions of the hull are 72mm long, 20mm wide and 12mm deep :


Plug 002.jpg


Plug 003.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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The Keel is made from English Box in three pieces. I've cut in the rabbet, and also glued on the Apron :


Keel 001.jpg


Keel 002.jpg


Keel 003.jpg


Keel 004.jpg


To give you an idea of how small this boat is, here's a pic with a standard size needle threader for comparison :


Scale pic.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Mark, George, John and Canute :) .


I'll bet building the little cutter for Vulture came in handy for keeping those "miniature tooling skills" honed.



Sure did George, I'm building this one using virtually the same techniques.


I've started the planking of the hull, using 0.4mm thick Castello. If you think that making a longboat less than 1/2 the size of the one I built for Vulture would be easier - think again :D .


Those "12 inch" nails I'm using to wedge the planks in place are actually only 12mm long :D :


Planking Started.jpg


While waiting for glue to dry on the planking I've made the Mast and Booms. The mast tapers from 2.0mm to 1.0mm, and the small boom is 0.8mm in diameter :


Mast and Booms 001.jpg


I also cut the shoulders into the ends of each boom :


Mast and Booms 002.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Chuck :) .


And now for something SMALL - the Deadeyes.


These are 1.6mm in diameter, and each has three #80 (0.25mm) holes. I turned them on the lathe in sections of 4 or 5, held them in a Pinvise to drill them and then turned them around in the vise, cut them off the section and sanded the "sprue" off :


Deadeyes 003.jpg


Deadeyes 001.jpg


Deadeyes 002.jpg


Two down, six to go.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thank you Mark, Daniel and David.


Great choice in bottles Dan.  Dimples are some of the best.



The idea is to fit a mast and oars Daniel. The shape lends itself really well for this. BTW - I'm glad I didn't have to buy the bottle - I saw one in a liquor shop last week for $70.00. Though it WAS full :D .


The first pic shows how I held the deadeyes for drilling:


Deadeyes 005.jpg


Nine deadeyes (1 spare which I've already needed) next to a couple of Chuck's 1/8" (smallest) blocks :


Deadeyes 009.jpg


A bit more work while waiting for the last of the planks to dry - I've made the four Chains. I used 0.25mm brass wire (the bottle was "wrapped" in it) which I silver soldered and blackened. I also drilled a 0.25mm (#80) hole in the end of each for the "bolt".



Deadeyes 010.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks George, and no I don't need any help with drinking the contents :D .


I've finished the planking. It turned out even better than my 1:48 scale cutter :) :


Planking 001.jpg


There were no problems at all when I pulled it off the plug. Nothing :huh:  needed cleaning up inside :) :


Planking 002.jpg


Planking 003.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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I drilled them one at a time Daniel, any more and the drill runs off line.


However, I kept them all on the stock I'd turned to make fitting them into the pin-vise and parting them easier. The last one was a bit of a pain to clamp.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Sal, Bob and Per.


I was wondering how do you keep the planking from sticking to the wooden plug while gluing it in place?



I used furniture wax on the wooden plug, and glued each plank by wiping the glue over the seam instead of trying to glue the edge.


To prevent the hull from spreading while fitting the ribs I made a jig. I had that problem with my Cutter - this will do the job nicely :) :


Jig 002.jpg


Jig 003.jpg


Here's a tip for edge sanding very small or thin planks - another jig :


Jig 004.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thank you Grant and Igor.


The ribs are made from 1mm x 0.45mm Castello. I wet-bent them all before fitting, and used hair clips to keep them in place until they dried. The tops will be trimmed later.



Ribs 001.jpg


Ribs 002.jpg


I've also made the fore platform :


Ribs 003.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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