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L'Hermione : de Rochefort à la gloire américaine by E. de Fontainieu

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Hi ,


For the interested, I spent some days in France (Lyon) and bought myself a copy.

The topic is the (French)frigate L'Hermione that took part in the American revolutionary war (1775-1783) and is introduced by Herni Kissinger himself.


It's a new release as it contains several pics related to its journey from Europe to the USA last summer.


The first part desribes the historical context and the second part depicts how the frigate was rebuild ( techiniques, tools, timber,shipyard,...)


I have no knowledge regarding the availability of an English translation.Anyway here's the ISBN : 978-2-916231-36-5.

I purchased it in a FNAC-store in Lyon (price 37 Euro) .




Kind regards




"The original always beats the copy"

(supportive statement)

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It sounds interesting ... should polish up my French ... haven't read a book in it for ages, and my naval, and carpenter knowledge isn't up to scratch either (in French that is)


"Desperate affairs require desperate measures." Lord Nelson
Search and you might find a log ...


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L'Hermoine was in Newport RI this summer . She is a beautiful ship. I tried posting some pics here but they are all much bigger than the allowed 2 mb size

Current Build:  USS Constitution ( Model Expo)
Past Builds:

   HMS Victory Bow Section
   British Armed Launch
   Friesland (Dutch 74 - 1663)
   Roger B. Taney (US Revenue Cutter )

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On the Hermione web site a book in English is now listed.  Cost is 19 EU.





The only description is "A synthesis of the Hermione's reconstruction."  Has anyone seen a review or detailed list of contents?   

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  • USS Constitution: Scratch build solid hull 1:96 scale
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