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I am presently enjoying assembling  Artesania Latina's 1/25 scale Bounty jolly boat. Everything is going well, but I have two questions; first, does anyone know if there is a scale White Ensign flag I can purchase that would fit well with this scale model? ( It could also be a red or blue ensign c. 1800, as well ) I would like to rig it from a flagstaff trailing over the stern.

Also, the carronade that comes with the kit to me just doesn't seem right placed just to the side of the tiller in the stern. Could it also be placed in the bow ( eg. the bowsprit is offset to starboard, maybe the gun could be offset to port ) and still appear authentic?

Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can supply me with. Cheers!
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The Bounty's launch would have worn a red ensign, if she had one, since that was the ensign worn by the ship. (Ships on detached service, which the Bounty would have been, usually wore the red ensign which was the senior of the three squadronal colours.) 


The mutiny was in 1789, so the union flag in the corner would be pre. 1801 (i.e. with no St Patrick's Cross on the white diagonal cross).


I don't know about the carronade, but I am not sure she would have had one, since she had eighteen men to accomodate.

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I have to agree with Kester regarding the armament.    The first carronades from the Carron Company had come into use about 10 years before Bounty so it is conceivable that Bounty could have carried them, but a quick search shows Bounty having four 4 pounders and swivel guns.  No mention of a carronade on the ship or the launch is mentioned anywhere that I could find.  


The boat was packed with men and some supplies.  Room for a carronade, powder and shot would have been a total waste of the little space they had.  Besides, why would the mutineers arm the launch for the men they were putting off the ship?


I understand that Artesania does not have a good reputation for accuracy, so take their ideas with a grain of salt.



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