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how to create rope of different thickness?


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I am in the process of creating my own rope for the first time. for the purpose I have acquired myself a Planetary ropewalk - so far so good.


The big question for me is: I need to make rope with a diameter: 0,25, 0,40, 0,50 and 0,75 mm. (and a few more). the first one (0,25mm) I can easily make with a 3 strand of my base thread, but then my trouble starts.


To create a rope with a diameter of 0,50mm would you then take 3 strands of 0,25 rope and turn it oppisite direction (i.e. first 0,25mm is made a S-turned, then the 0,50 mm would be z-turned) or should they be turned in the same direction?


To make the 0,40 mm my initial thought was making a 2 strand thread from my base thread to create a rope with a diameter of circa 0,18mm and then use 3 ropes to make the 0,40 robe. Would that be completely off?


Finally how to make the thick ropes (0,75mm)? could the same base thread be used or do you need a thicker base thread?


Thanks a lot in advance



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For really thin line, rather than use a two-strand (which never looks right), start with three thinner threads. If thinner thread isn't available, turn three-stranded thread in such a way as to un-spin it. You will find it consists of three yarns. Carefully pick up one yarn at one end with tweezers and cut it. Don't let the long end go! Now strip out this yarn, leaving two intact. Do this to the other two strands, then make up your line in the usual way. 


On a planetary style ropewalk this technique may not be possible. I've only done this on a conventional style machine.

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I use different sizes and quantities of threads to make different sizes of ropes. I prefer DMC crochet thread - http://www.dmc-usa.com/Products/Needlework-Threads/Crochet-Threads/Cordonnet.aspx


I might use 3, 6, or even 9 threads to make a rope. When I was first figuring it all out, I made a bunch of ropes of varying sizes then kept a sample of each with details of their thread size and count so I could reproduce them as needed.


Cheers -


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Thank you for the replies. Guess I just need to experiment with different threads to see what I can get out of it. 


Does anyone know the thickness of a 120/2 and size 60 polyester thread? simply impossible to find this information online. I'm planning to use Polyester thread (most likely Amann thread) as I like the finish.


If you make a 3 strand rope and then use 3 of these ropes to make a thicker robe, would you then have to turn opposite direction or?


Thanks in advance


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