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Using Adobe Ilustrator

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Anybody use this program ?


To me, it is very useful, considering I do not have technical education, and do not know to work with any type of CAD programs


I have bit mapped Campbell`s *.pdf plans which I was forced to rescale, and then - lines get thicker, so plans in details become ... hmm ... dingy for use in workshop


In AI I put cropped bitmap from original plans rescaled to 100% as a first layer, and then draw over it, in separate layers, and get really clean "technical" drawing which can be used in workshop, with possibility to print every layer separately 


MSW don`t allow to upload *.ai files, so here are two screenshots what I have got with AI










When you learn basic commands of AI, all process comes pretty fast

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Hi Nenad.

Yes I use Illustrater . Started with solid works but the learning curve was to steep for me and my brain and my time.

Yes there are a lot of shortcuts to be used and finding them is not easy ..But it's A very nice CAD drawing tool.


You can save your files as a .pdf and then you can post it on MSW.


Regards Antony.

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I too have been using Illustrator for many years. I'd actually stopped using it for some time. Then, when I needed to create some drawings, I realized that I could do them in Illustrator, so I started up with it again. Had to relearn a few techniques along the way.


Among the uses for ship modeling, besides technical drawings, I've used it to create artwork for photo etching metal and I also used a laser cutting service that took my *.ai files directly and used them directly in the cutting process. Very handy!



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