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Waterlines and Wales

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Good Morning everyone


On my Endeavour the waterline and wales positions are not drawn.


Should the plans show these? Or is it up to the ship builder to position the wales in

a line that looks good?


I would have thought that the waterline is something that would have been

decided when the ship was being designed.


I see that the wales can be worked out by evenly spacing down from the gunwales

and working out the heights bow and stern. But on the pics of the Endeavour the bottom

of the wales seems to be at the waterline, which I don't have.


All help much appreciated Thanks Chris


Edit I should have said it is an Artesania Latina kit

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While not able to answer about the wales, I can discuss a bit about design waterlines. Regrettably, they were more art than science. The designer showed where the ship should float, but it all depended on lading and ballast to achieve. The British didn't adopt more scientific methods of calculating displacement until mid-1800's, even though early (approximate) methods were known in the mid to late 1600's.

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Thanks Wayne it sounds as though that I please myself.  "Let your eye be your guide", as my father would say.

It is really the nice full curve that the replica has that I like, so that is what I will aim for. Thanks Chris

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It is strange that the waterline and wale positions are not on your plans, I built the AL Endeavour (a long time ago) and there was a plan showing the side view. Here is a photo of the original draught maybe you can judge from this where the wales and water line are. I think that its very important to get the position and curve of the wales correct as it determines the whole look of the ship.


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