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Multiple builds at once? How do you keep it all organized?


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Mostly out of curiosity, how many people have more than one build going at a time? And do you have them at different stages to jump around when you want to say, do planking, instead of deck furniture building?


I've been thinking about maybe doing something like that with my next builds and figured I'd see what others were doing.


And as a follow up, if you do have multiple builds going, how do you keep things organized in your workspace?

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I usually have at least two going at a time as far as building goes.  The research into future projects is also ongoing with multiple projects.  As far as the keeping stuff organized, it helps that I have a 26' x 42' dedicated shop/office space with multiple benches and tables.  The project being worked on at the moment is at the main bench with the other(s) on other tables or atop file cabinets.  The various pieces that are not with the main part of the project are in plastic storage bins with either movable dividers or permanent dividers.  It's easy to stack them as the parts can't get mixed.  Keeping the research stuff organized is helped with file cabinets and plastic storage bins with hanging file folders - these too can be stacked.


Writing is kept organized in the computer using a great writing program called Scrivener.  Much easier to organize data and writing in it than in MS Word as each project has it's own "Notebook" and the dividers within it are sort of like a notebook where you just click on the folder and it's all in front of you.  It's a serious writing tool - cheap only $40 but it has a real steep learning curve but once you know what you are doing it is great.



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I have several builds going on at once but only build on one at a time - if that makes sense.  I tend to keep the paperwork, notes and what not for each kit in their respective boxes and the small parts boxes stacked up on one of bench shelves.  The wood tends to get mixed into general population and pulled out as necessary.  Some wood I have swapped out for aftermarket lumber so the originals turn into spare.  The builds themselves are lined up in a row on my top shelf with the active build on the bench.   As I hit a point where my build attention deficit kicks in I cycle one off the bench and another on.  Sometimes it is when I do a little on one and it is drying but don't want to stop building so that will cycle another one in and around etc.


WOuld have had them much further along and done if life choices didn't strand me on shore leave for the better part of a year, but they are back in action once again!


(Trust me , my wife looks and shakes her head quite often at the kits inevitably muttering a casual, understanding but meangingful "you aren't getting any more kits until one of these is done...right?"  to which I nod yes.... my nod says yes,  but my eye say....muah ha ha ha ha ha ha)

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