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HMS Endeavour by Andrew D - Artesania Latina- 1:60

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Hi All,


Been planning to start a log here for a bit now for my first ever model ship build. Some great other logs here which have been very helpful already and I don't know how people manage to build this kit by just looking at the manual. So far I've spent a fair bit of time making modifications as a few parts doesn't seem to be the correct size. So far I've extended the stern plywood deck on the port and starboard sides by a few mm to match the bulkheads and built up the sides of the pre-formed stern piece by about 5mm on each side to match the decking and the pre-cut ply stern window panel that is put on later in the build.


Would like to have progressed a bit further before posting but made a bit of a mistake so thought I'd take this opportunity to post whilst I'm figuring out my next move :)





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For deck planking I decided to use a 125mm plank length and a 4 butt shift pattern. Was not sure if you are suppose to keep the pattern around hatches or just run full planks up to them. Decided to just run the full planks as it was less than 125mm.



Now to the big mistake I'm currently pondering on how to fix..... I Planked the mid deck with the hull planking strips (1.6mm) instead of the decking strips (0.6 mm). Very stupid mistake! Sure it won't be the last one on this build though :)

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Hi Andrew,

Just replying in addition to Paul's post also, probably good to strip the offending Decking as the 0.5mm Deck Planks have a different look/feel to them.

Maybe sand, (Block Sand), off with 40-60 Grit? If you go this way, protect your Fore and Aft Step positions with some Masking Tape so that the orientation of these is not affected if you go this way....

Sanding could be a viable alternative as you can easily see when the Ply gets to the surface.



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Thanks guys for the tips. Going to remove the planking today and redo with the correct planks!

Following both your Endeavour builds closely, looks like your just in front of me Hof. Does the pre-cut ply stern window panel (Transom support) look way to big (overhang) on your model as well? I've noticed some people have had issues but others not.




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Hi Chap,

I guess welcome to he Endeavour build fraternity.

As Paul has alluded to, there are a few Endeavour Builds!!


You are doing the A/L version, as am I. The Instructions are not good, (To say the least), and am more than happy to do this build in Concert with you if hat's what you would like.


Unsure of the issues until I get there.... Aware of the "Potential" issues that others have had.

I guess I will have my own and I'll happily share with you.

Enjoy, I guess.... It's a hobby at the end of the day!! (It's an art form and more than happy, as others to help you Chap.)


Not worrying about the Transom stuff at this juncture, I really don't care, I do, but after the fact, if you know what I mean.

I am thinking that the "Transom" is going to be about the right dimensions after the planking is complete.


I guess I will see soon enough.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, got to the next stage! Have redone the planking on the well deck and finished the other two decks and gunwales. Bending the walnut gunwales was a bit tricky, left one in hot water for a few hours and bent in a jig, the other ones I was a bit more impatient so steamed in a vegetable steamer :) before using a jig.



Last two photos after finishing the last two pieces on the gunwales and 2 coats of Tung oil, 0000 steel wool sanding between and after.




Next up I think is hull planking. The first planking strip your suppose to lay appears to not only bend around the boat but run from the top of the bow, down to the well deck and then back up to the stern so a U shape. Not sure how to bend it sideways without kinking so will see...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, started some planking. Don't really know what I'm doing but giving it a shot :)





I've run the first 2 planks (at the top) the other two planks by themselves lower down are test planks on where I expect the planking to end up. The bottom one of the test planks is where the 15th plank will sit. My theory is to run all the planks in parallel without any tapering up till this point and then change how the planks run so it looks like Rowan (Rowand build log) has done in the picture below. If I've missed anything though please let me know :)



^ From Rowan's build log

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Hi Andrew and a belated welcome to the Endeavour (and in particular the AL kit) builders club :)


Your build is coming along very nicely and I see you avoided my mistake of having the hawse holes misaligned with the deck - nice catch.  For my build, I basically ignored everything AL provided once I completed the side planking.  What are your plans?





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Hi Andrew,


You first planking bands look nice and flowing, curving in the right places especially shown in the first photo but before progressing to far you might want to go and correct the 2 individual planks where it appears that they are concave between the bulkheads around the midships area.


If the second layer of planking follows these you are going to have hollow spots or if you get the second planking to bridge the concave areas they won't be secured down properly and might be springy.


Just an observation.




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Thanks Pat for the welcome, been reading a lot on your build log, some great work.

I haven't reached the hawse holes part yet (that pic is from Rowan's build) but from what I've heard the problem is they end up being below deck for some reason. Since I'm running the top plank as high as it can go hopefully there should be room for them though.


Regarding plans, good question, hadn't thought much about it. Will have to try and find some more photos on how the kit is suppose to turn out and then make a call from there. Will probably try and spice it up a bit if its not very authentic.


Slog, thanks for the observation, the two individual planks were just temporary to give me an idea on how the planks would run, removed them now, it was very thin decking planking I had spare. The real thicker planks don't appear to be behaving in this way so hopefully won't have the same issue with them.


I've run about 10 planks down each side now and so far so good except for a very small bit of clinker effect (0.05mm) around some bends where the wood has to curve up and around at the same time. Hoping to fix afterwards with wood filler and sanding.

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