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Mitre boxes / mini mitre-cutting tools

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I started my model shipbuilding career a little under three years ago.
One of the first mini-tools I bought was a cheap, plastic, 6-inch long mitre box, to ensure that I could cut stripwood to a true 90° (or 45°), and to help when I heeded to cut several pieces to the exact same size.  I'm still using that mitre box, though the saw slots are now considerably wider than they were when I bought it.  So unless I'm careful to press the saw against one particular side of the slot, I can no longer rely on getting a true 90° cut, neither can I be sure of cutting the wood to an exact length.
Later, I bought an (even cheaper) aluminiun mitre box, thinking it might be a more durable tool.  Well it might be durable, but to be honest I've never actually used it.  I wouldn't want the saw teeth rubbing against metal all the time.

Is there no such thing as a mini mitre cutter?
What I have in mind is a mini version of the device sketched here:

I've had the full-sized version - a tool made by Morso - for many years.  It'll make a good, swift, accurate job of cutting wood as large as 4in by 2in, but it would be no good for cutting, say, 24 identical 13mm lengths of 2mm by 1mm walnut.

Ca anybody please point me to a mini mitre cutting tool that's both accurate and durable?  Preferably one that's available in the UK/Europe?

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Hi Brian,


To add to Steve's inputs, Fourmost make a small variable angle mitre saw and a chopper. I can't say if they are directly available somewhere back home.


Hope this helps.







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Thanks Steve, Nigel.

I've got a Proxxon saw - I was really looking for a non - powered tool. Although I might have been tempted by Micromark's little powered chop-saw if there was a 240v version and if I could have ordered one without worrying about import duties and astronomical American delivery costs to UK.

I do rather like the device shown in Steve's Micromark's link, although online reviewers seem to be saying it's made of plastic and therefore flexible and inaccurate. Plus it doesn't seem to be available from any UK suppliers.


I suppose the answer might be just to get a new, cheap, plastic mitre box like the one I've already got, and keep on buying new ones when the saw guide slot gets too loose? An inelegant approach, but at least they're readily available on our EBay.

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Yes, Maury, I've seen that mitre sander advertised, and I even think it's available from some UK suppliers.  If I can refrain from ordering one in the next few weeks, it'll certainly be high up on my Christmas present wish list!


But I'm still searching for a sophisticated, accurate (but non-motorised) alternative to my cheap-but-serviceable black plastic mitre block...

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It's the Fourmost Products 154 Mitre Sander.  Here is the listing on Amazon, although a Google search will show you it's available many places.




Edit: Note that the one on Amazon does not come with the angle blocks, those are sold seperately - http://www.amazon.com/FOURMOST-Sander-Angle-Slides-FORR1861/dp/B000BQLE08/ref=pd_sim_504_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0N5FNDC79V58DTN6NECF&dpID=41TW%2BqIzySL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_

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