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Wasa by kpnuts - Airfix - 1/144 - PLASTIC

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My new one commissioned by my boss, the Airfix Wasa, I bought it off ebay and I've no idea how it was stored but its warped to hell, its been a real pig to get it together, didn't do it as per instructions as i could not get the deck atattched and level so glued the hull front together then when the glue set glued the rear the glued the deck a bit at a time using loads of masking tape to hold it till dry.

















Broke lots of these bits on the top rails (whatever they are) so will have to make some new ones.














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Hi all a little update, well after exhaustive research(20 mins on google pooped for the rest of the day now) the Airfix kit is a little wrong the little sticky up thing on the top of the rails do not exist(thats great as I thought I would have to make some of those as I broke some whists struggling to get the warped hull together, also there should be another gun port on the second tier down sternwards of the last on on the model, roughly where the little slot is on the kit, I may add it when I find out what purpose the slot is for also the ornamentation above the top rail dose not exist neither does the ornamentation between the rails. not tremendous problems so should be able to sort them.


These are the little sticky up things which I've now removed.








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Hi all Airfix missed a gun port on this so I've been racking my brains trying to think of a way of making one and I think I've got it.

first I covered on of them with bathroom sealant to make a mould then I tried to make a resin casting but it was so thin they kept breaking when I tried to get them out, so I thought I need something more flexible so being as how it was so thin I thought just acrylic paint, but that was too flexible and wouldnt come out of the mould so then I thought How can I stiffen it up a bit so I put a thin smear of superglue over it, hey presto it came out, here is the result, I may make another mould and try again as this is a bit chunky probably because of the number of times ive tried using it but at least I know it works.





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Hi all well here's one I shelved back in 2015 (can't remember why) Airfix goth the colour totally wrong they would have you paint it blue and gold (other than the transom theres very little gold on her, although she is very colourful mainly red though and vert little blue) ( actually i love the airfix colour scheme but that was not right) other than a few few small things it's a great little kit. it's been resurrected I've redone the woodwork, I figure if the Hermann Marwede is going to be in a seascape i may as well tag this one in with it.




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Airfix went with the colour scheme as suggested by the salvage team at the time. Blue was still shown as the colours of the ship in their museum guides till very recently so Airfix thought they had it right. I built this twice over the years and both times all the research and books illustrated her as being majority blue.


The little sticky uppy things are the tops of the Kevels that Airfix moulded into the rails rather than putting inside the bulwark. These would have been used for the rigging so you may need them if doing full sail rig. 

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Hi all next update



I was going to add some stays but Airfix would have you use the God awful plastic coated cotton ratline thingies so no hole through the crows nest


Wish I hadn't added the main stays now as drilling out the holes in the crows nest will probably slacken them all off


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nice progress KP.......do you have more to add on the deck?   the rigging might hinder it going further.   doing the gammoning on the bow spirit will take up the slack on the stays.

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On ‎19‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 7:58 AM, kpnuts said:

Hi Paul that is the very same kit that will be in a seascape as well when I decide what the disaster will be.

Look forward to seeing that when you get round to it.


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A very nice model! I like that you are showing her in the throes of her final days with gun ports open. Given all the information available now, how accurate do you feel is Airfix's representation of her is?

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