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Transom Tyranny on AL Endeavour kit


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On a slightly different subject, are the decorations necessary at all?  Endeavour was a Whitby collier originally and I would be surprised if it had even a small amount of carving on the transom or anywhere else.  Did the royal navy add carving to the transom during the refit or is this just a flight of fancy by the kit designers?

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Hi J..... (no name name supplied ??)


I am building the AL version of Endeavour but  very early on in the build I tossed the AL parts including that transom piece.  I am sure you are aware of it, but you have it upside down in the photo (the rounded bits are to the top).


This is ALs version/interpretation of the transom decorations; there are many versions including those selected by the Replica builders based on Sydney Parkinson's drawings.  These drawings while accurate for dimension and general detail, do not provide much more than a hint of what the decoration detail was like, so who is to say if their interpretation is actually right or wrong. However, my opinion (not professional) is that looking at those drawings with a closer inspection I now believe my initial interpretation is not as close to the drawing as I first thought and AL's versions seems even more distant.


According to the Parkinson  drawings (and he was the official artist and present on the trip) there was some detail/decoration on the transom etc; I just wished his drawings showed a little extra detail :)


If you choose to use that part, it needs to be slightly inset with the edges forming the raised scroll surrounds just proud of the 'flats'.  Also, the cap rail sits over this.


Your interpretation is what counts :)





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Thanks, Pat and Chris, for the very informative replies. I became aware that I was holding it upside down in the pic......right after I hit "post". :rolleyes: I've noticed a plethora of transom details for this model on line. I will take your advice, Chris, and trust my "interpretation" after reviewing the "possibles".

Cheers......and it's Jim.

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