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This is going to sound terribly basic but this is where I am. What do you use to apply glue to the pieces of your models? I have heard of everything from toothpicks to makeup brushes. I realize small pieces of the ship will need smaller amounts of glue and that will determine the applicator used but would you mind giving me some suggestions as to what you use for various tasks in building your ships. I have the model kit on m dining room table and I have visions of going through life with one of the dining room chairs stuck to my hand.

I appreciate your help.

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Basic, yes; but important! The answer will depend on the kind of glue you intend to use. I recommend ones that wash up with water. White glue (polyvinyl alcohol or PVA glue) works well with wood. Any excess can be washed off before it sets. I use a small brush to apply it with and a larger one for clean-up. 


Yellow carpenters' glue (aliphatic resin) can be handled the same way. Also good for wood, paper and card.


If you need metal to wood adhesion, you will need to go to an epoxy glue. This is best mixed and applied with a toothpick or other disposable item. Clean up, before it sets up, is with isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). Some folk use acetone, but this is toxic and flammable. I don't recommend it for your health!


Hope this helps a bit.

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For CA I use toothpicks and an aluminum foil glue pot.


I "fork" the tip of a toothpick with a knife and dip that tip in the glue. When it's loaded with gunk I fork the other end or throw it out and use a new one.


I have a piece of scrap wood with some ~8mm holes drilled in it. I pull off a bit of aluminum foil and press it into the hole to create a glue pot. Have the aluminum big enough to fold over the edges of the wood or it will lift with the toothpick when you lift it up.


Dirt cheap and makes for very controllable glue applications. Works for me!

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I stick a length of wire that's just small enough to fit into the needle when I'm not using it for a while.  (I have black coated copper jewelry wire in sizes from 18 gauge to 28 gauge) I've left it sit with the wire in it for a month, and pulled the wire out and worked just fine.

Worst case, a box of 100 syringes is about 8 bucks, and 25 tips is something like 4 bucks, so it's not a tragedy to toss one out.  :)

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