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I believe the British painted broadside gun carriages red during the war of 1812.  A couple of questions, 1; Did they also paint pivot gun carriages the same and 2; did American Naval practice follow the British fashion?

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I have never heard of broadside gun carriages nor the carronades, here the 68 pdrs on either side of the Victory's fo'c'sle, of ships of the line being painted any other colour than yellow ochre and certainly not as late as 1812. (1812 incidentally was the final year of Victory's last sea-going commission). I believe however smaller vessels may have had different colour carriages, but not specifically at that date. The Endeavour replica, for instance, has them painted red – for which there must be a reason, but that was pre 1812.

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Don't know why I didn't think of this first.  I looked up pictures of the USS Constitution's guns.  The carriages are painted a red ochre color with the trucks painted black.  Don't know if this was a standard color scheme for US Navy ships but it is the best data I can find.

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