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Mamoli's Blue Shadow


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Has ayone built this kit, the price seems right but I have never built a Kit from MAMOLI. How are the instructions ? How are the parts inside the kit? Their web site has very little information. I know I wouldnt even have to ask this question on the old site (what a horible loss of information) . Anyway thanks for any info you have R/Mike

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Hello Mike,

I don't suggest to purchase the Blue Shadow, unless it is a real real bargain.


I am currently making the Mamoli Halifax, which is a rather good kit, but it belong to the family of their old kit projects.

The Blue Shadow is a rather new project and I think it is a kit developed just to put on the market something new.

I didn't find any evidence that it existed and I am not convinced of the accessories provided, too.

Generally the Mamoli kits seems (seems to me, of course) of average good overall quality only if they are old projects.

The new projects seems not so good.

Regarding the drawings and instructions, are not for a novice.

The drawings are complete, but the instructions are few, so you must be defintely not a novice.

If you are at your first experience with the wood models, try something more easy.

I cannot make any suggestions, since in Italy the market is "crowded" by five kit Italians manufacturers, but I don't know which are the manufacturers currently available in your country.

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I bought this for $109.00 from model expo. The instructions are not for beginners and its a fictitious vessel. I got it to bash into another brig of that time period ( haven't figured out which is close in build and length to bash to) the wood supplied is good quality but I question the quantity. I read somewhere that the wood had to be used with great care or you would run out. The castings are ok at best. My biggest gripe is that the plans are very vague and like you I am a beginner. So I stashed this kit until my rattlesnake is done and hopefully the experience I gain from it will help me make the "blue shadow" into a real ship. By the way not to hijack your post but if anyone has any ideas for a good ship (american ship) to bash this into I would be great full

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Since I had posted a relatively negative review of this kit I thought maybe some pictures would help prospective buyers make up their own mind. post-1401-0-39419400-1363576196_thumb.jpgpost-1401-0-04040100-1363576243_thumb.jpgpost-1401-0-90805500-1363576333_thumb.jpg

Seems like decent synthetic thread .post-1401-0-79024800-1363576430_thumb.jpg

Flag and castings seem pretty low quality . post-1401-0-05094500-1363576547_thumb.jpg

Ships guns and carriages .post-1401-0-49249000-1363576610_thumb.jpg

Instructions.......uh very detailed ha ha post-1401-0-71419900-1363576700_thumb.jpg

Well read for yourself, at least the rigging is relatively detailed with three double sided plans.

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It seems like Mamoli does a good job of marketing this kit, it looks good from the outside I have also thought about building it, but now that I have seen some feedback about the instructions and quality I will stay away from it.



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I've just started the Bounty kit by Mamoli. True enough the instructions are a bit weird when read in english, however I expect this if I'm getting a kit of foreign manufacture. I think an important point's been raised, and that is you don't know what you've got until you open the box. I've had some issues with my kit already, but I'm just going to have to work through them. I'm optimistic of a good result.

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I have this model, and I thought the hull turned out very nice. I have not gone any further as I am not happy with the supplied headrails. Someday I will continue on.

Still, if you do not mind that it is not a real ship, and if the price is right, IMHO it is a good practice model.


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My wife actually picked up this kit for me last year, she thinks this ship building thing is cool and wanted to support it.  


It is indeed a fictitious ship but I will be building it into a fictitious brigantine named after my wife (heck, she got it - I will christin it after her ;) ).


I have 2 ships going at the moment, but she has been asking when I plan to get to that one so I may just start up a third and get hers done.  I will do a build log of it as I go.



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Many curious comments though I must agree with  'sport' about "Blue Shadow" - instructions and other oddities; like laser cut decks and far to many castings,but still it is in my holds to be built along with the Fair American. 

Just 'finished' an abbreviated build of the "Rattlesnake" she lacks running rigging and sails. Although I replaced a majority of 'brittania' pieces with wood constructions to which I am pleased. Lots of lessons learned with this first build, has anyone found a good source for ships plans? Thinking to go 'scratch' soon. 

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