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U.S. Flag Decals


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I'm looking for a source of U.S flag decals to wrap around a flag staff on a 1/95 scale ship. The plastic piece that came with the kit is poorly done and looks worse after it is painted. I've searched online and, so far, I've come up empty. Any ideas?

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Here's what I've done...


1) Use  Google Images  to find a  .JPEG of  the  flag  you want..

2) Transfer the image into a Word file.. 

3) Adjust the size of the image to accommodate the desired scale.

4) Create the mirror image using Word tools

5) Print either on decal paper or regular paper.. 

6a) if decal paper, soak and slide  then fold at symmetry line..

6b)  if regular paper, cut out,  scrape non print side to get a "wavy" look"  then apply a very light wash of white glue to the non-printed side, fold over on symmetry line


7) attach to halyard


 works every time, you get the exact flag ( size)  you want and costs practically nothing..


good luck





fold images to creat the two sided flag..


Works ever

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