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Help with Proxxon MF70

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I decided to treat myself to an MF70 milling maching and it arrived today.


Everything seems OK, with the exception of what I feel may be a little more play in the worktable than should be 'normal'?


I've inserted a couple of photos below and I'd be grateful if anyone can explain exactly what I should do to minimise the amount of play.  (I've read and re-read the instructions that came with the machine but there isn't much advice of the kind I need.) 

I first felt the up and down movement when winding the traverse handle at the right hand end of the table and without having measured with a micrometer (which I don't have) I estimate the amount of vertical movement to be around 2mm - 3mm at each end.

I imagine there must be adjustment to minimise this, but I don't want to start slackening and adjusting screws and locknuts without knowing exactly what I should be doing. 

(B.T.W. ~ the worktable ​IS firmly attached to the base with the 4 allen-head set screws provided.) 


So your help will be greatly appreciated . . . thanks in advance!




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Those adjusting screws are gib screws. They control the tightness of the slides by varying pressure on the metal pads. The are usually satisfactory straight out of the box. The rocking you describe sounds abnormal: the x-y table should be rock-steady. Are the Allen screws you used to attach the table to the base too long and bottoming out before the heads tighten down?

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It's definitely an adjustment I'm thinking.  You might have to look in the parts drawing (I hope there's one) and search for "gib screws" in it to find them all.  I had an issue on my mill (not a Proxxon) were there was gib that needed adjusting and the only place I found it was in the parts drawing.

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It is an adjustment problem, and the adjustment screws are the ones in the first picture. Each one is for one of the cardinal directions. The fix is in the manual on page 7, and on page 2 is a reference diagram. 37110 micro miller mf70 users guide.pdf



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Those three adjusters are just screws that press on to a plate that holds the travelling table. I attach the instructions from the identical table that is sold separately. They are designed primarily to hold the table in the x-y axes.


So if you loosen all the hexagonal surrounding nuts first, then, with the supplied allen key, loosen the left hand one and the right hand one, you'll find that there is considerable rotational play in those x-y axes.


The diagram is:



Although it's not supposed to adjust the play around the z axis, in fact you'll find that with the appropriate tightening of all three screws the play on the z axis will be minimised. This is simply because the plate is being pressed down on the table.


However, you have to set that against stiffer movement in the x-y axes. Over-tightening will not only make the table very hard to move, but will also increase wear on the table itself.


Of course, after loosening the screws, you'll have to make sure that when you tighten them again the table is indeed still perfectly aligned -- although in reality I don't think that's much of a problem.


Once you've finished playing, don't forget to re-tighten the outer hexagonal nuts so that the screws don't change the positions you've decided on.


If you want more help, a simple email via their website to Proxxon in Germany should do it. They are incredibly helpful over even the most minor details.



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Thanks to all for your comments.  I haven't had time yet to implement any advice given or to check out the links but I've done a short video of the problem so that you can all see it.

First ~ Druxey --- When this problem became evident the first thing I checked was to see that the base plate wasn't the offending part, and it was rock steady on the base.

Here's a pic, then the video >>>




Short video here > 




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Remove the table again. Are there screws holding the base plate to the green sub-base that are loose? I'd check that before messing with the gib screws. I don't think your problem is anything to do with the ways and gibs.

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On above advice I've emailed Proxxon along with a link to that video so that they can see the problem as well.


. . . I feel that you may be on to something Druxey --- straight out of the box I just proceeded to attach the worktable as instructed.  I really have no idea what lurks beneath the table as it didn't occur to me to check there for any kind of looseness.

I'll check that out later tonight.  I have to go out with the 'Boss' (wife) now!​​

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Hello Bluto.


Looks the problem is on the adjustment of the Y-axis. The hexagonal screws are on the leftside of the machine under the X table. Loosen the nut, tighten with the allen screw and tighten te nut again this should do the trick.

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Hi Bluto.

I had the same issues as you are having.

I adjusted mine by loosening the nuts then tightening the middle set screw very small amounts with the table in the centre position to start with.

Then adjust the outer two. Lock up and test.repeat as nessary.

I had to do this some dozen times untill I got it just right.then adjust the full length of the bed travel.


Takes time to do it correctly ..but it's worth it...

Regards Antony.

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I removed the worktable and here is what is underneath >


T​hat base plate is a single piece aluminium extrusion and isn't attached to the green sub-base by any immovable fixings. (screws etc.)

Now that I've given a little thought to it, it's clear that both parts CAN'T be permanently fixed to each other as the sub-base has to be able to travel in and out along the length of the base plate. I don't know about other milling machines, but this one uses sliding dovetails to achieve that necessary movement.

In the following photo one side of that dovetail can be seen >


As all of the unwanted movement (play) is occurring at each side of the dovetail I can only assume that the remedy must lie in eliminating excess 'space' at the dovetail.

The only way that I can see how to do that is by using the 3 adjusters (gibs?) as shown circled in red in the above photo. (Are these the nuts and set screws that Anthony [above] refers to?)

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that I would have to tighten each of these 'screws' until excess play was removed from that area, then re-tighten the locknuts.

. . . and yes, I know that the sub-base would still have to have enough 'space' at the dovetail in order to be able to function as a sliding part.

Of course, I could be completely wrong in thinking the above, but I can't see any other way of overcoming this problem ???

If anyone can suggest anything else -- please do!


Thanks. ​


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Hi Jim.

Yes they are the locknut and set screws you will need to adjust.

Start with the slide in the centre.

Then tighten the middle screw and nip the locking nut. BUT NOT TO TIGHT.

Test the full travel of the bed. And redo if nessary.

Then tighten the outer two screws and nip the lock nuts.

Retest the travel on the bed..

As I said this can be time consuming but it's worth the effort as this mill is brill for modeling work and mine has served me well.


Regards Antony.

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Earlier today I decided to make an attempt at Antony's suggestion.​

I slackened the locknut on the gib shown arrowed in the pic below, tightened the screw by hardly as much as half a turn . . . and the play was instantly gone. I quickly tightened the locknut before the 'lack of movement' changed its mind!

The table is now rock solid instead of rockin' an' rollin'​.


Thanks Antony and everyone who contributed here.



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  • 3 years later...

Problem of a different kind:


I won a new Proxxon MF70 (45 Euro) on ebay 12th September just gone.  The Sellor wanted paid by money transfer rather than by paypal.   Once the Sellor confirmed reciept of payment he emailed me the following evening (Friday 13th) that he would send the MF70 on Monday (Tomorrow).


Today Ebay sent me a message incorrectly stating that I had not paid for the item and the listing is no longer available (that is usually what happens when a contract is struck).  To my surprise Ebay has treated the sellor like a criminal and has blocked his account -I think because payment was by money transfer but why give sellors that option?


The only impropriety involved in this transaction was Ebay jumping in 2 days after the contract had been sealed.  I phoned Ebay and they acknowledge that the sellor provided his banking details and confirmed that he would ship the item as soon as the post office opens Monday.  Yes I want my MF70 but I also feel bad in the heavy handed way they treated the sellor who has acted entirely above board in accordance with the payment options Ebay provides.


This is not a case of a sellor reneging on sending an item.  The MF70 is now my property and Ebay have severed communication between the sellor and myself and left my property stranded in Italy. 




Here are the screen shots of how ridiculous Ebay have acted:






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I don't know if it's the same in Europe, but in the US, I don't think anybody does any business on eBay without using PayPal.  Some sellers list on eBay and then make a side deal with the eBay "winner" to pay by cash or check. Then they tell eBay the buyer never paid and they don't relist the item, thereby avoiding paying eBay its commission. eBay bans sellers for this. PayPal is the only way a buyer has any protection, as far as I can see.


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Hi Bob


I have only ever used paypal myself -but the sellor had the option to be paid by money transfer.  Ebay should not offer the option and then not honour it afterwards because it has second thoughts.


Nevertheless, a contract was completed the sellor is being prevented from honouring it by Ebay.  Ebay ought to be responsible for replacement of MF70.  Only Ebay is acting unreasonably in this case -certainly not the sellor who was prepared to take a loss in the transaction which is commendable.



Ebay have informed me that they will give the sellor my address to ship the item but only if he appeals being blocked.  I actually could not blame him if he decided not to bother with Ebay -I mean he was prepared to honour a deal that was much less than market value for the item.

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I had this experience with Ebay:

I wanted to buy a camera on Ebay, the vendor wanted a money transfer only. If I would have transfer the money, there would have been no way for Ebay or Paypal to help me if the vendor did not send the camera. In fact they were thieves and they had absolutely no intention to send the item. That is why Ebay does not recommend this method and this is why I did not send a money transfer.

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Gaetan & Roger

Thank you for your posts.  Ebay provided the seller with the option and a special button showed up on my account to confirm for Ebay when I had made the payment, so Ebay were aware at all times what method of payment the seller wanted when he listed the item.  And Ebay was informed by me when I paid when  I clicked on the special button to notify them.


Graetan you are quite right about Buyer protection through PayPal, so I took a risk.  However, Ebay has acted in bad faith not the seller.  The seller messaged me that he received payment and would ship the item on Monday.  However, Ebay have closed his account so he will be unable to access my postal address through no fault of his own.  Ebay is at fault here, whereas, the seller acted impeccably and, as is obvious, was still prepared to send the item even after it sold for under market value.   Neither I nor the seller deserve to be treated in the way Ebay has acted in this instance.

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5 minutes ago, Erskine Childers said:

Unless Ebay rectify matters I can see myself taking legal action for replacement of my property. 

My guess is that if you ever find and read eBay's "Terms and Conditions of Use," you'll find a clause way down somewhere in the double-digit pages that says something like, "By participating in the eBay platform, the user hereby covenants and agrees that any legal action the user may bring against eBay shall only be filed in the Superior Court of North Dakota in Minot, ND, on February 29 of each Leap Year."

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As a frequent user of ebay, I don't quite understand the problem. Did you get your mill or not ? The seller should have your address, so he can mail the mill, once he has received your money.


Personally, these days I avoid any other method of payment, but PayPal. Even though, it does not fully protect you or the seller.


There is a glitch, however, in the ebay-system: there is no formal way for the buyer to acknowledge the receipt of an item in a way other by leaving feedback. I recently had the situation that I bought an item, paid for it, the item was marked as 'shipped' and then the seller cancelled his account. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the seller was actually not located in Germany (as stated in his ebay account), but in one of the Baltic states. Hence, I had two uneasy weeks (I expected the parcel to arrive from Germany in France in two to three days, as usual), but finally the item arrived. There was no way to check on the seller, as he had closed his account. Ebay should not permit to close accounts, until the last buyer has confirmed the receipt of the item ...

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Bob you could be right.   I have given them pre-action notice.  within the EU you can sue companies locally even if they are based in another state.  Once it becomes reasonably clear that the man does not have my postal address before his account was closed I will then start the process against Ebay. Unless they solve the problem they created.



Good point about suspending closure of accounts.

Ebay contacted me today advicing me that 1) the seller may have posted the mill. 2) I should contact my bank to have payment returned. 

They could simply ask the man but wont.  I told them I will not fix their mess by making another one myself --if the man has posted it I would not like to complain to his bank to get my money back. 


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I have had my own experience with Ebay sellers and, with respect, I believe it is very possible that Ebay knows something you don't. The clues are:

(A) They stepped in because of 'issues' with the seller's account, not because you asked for help. This indicates prior activity had alerted them.

(B) It was immediately after a sale that bypassed all buyers safeguards at the request of the seller.

(C) The seller is not raising hell.

(D) The item was sold across international lines at a below market-value price and for a sum that many people would not consider worth fighting over.

All these points can of course be explained away, and the seller may be as pure as glacier water, but the pattern is there.


Look at it this way. If you cancel the payment (if there is still time) and the item arrives, just pay him again and apologise. You have his bank details, he has your contact details, and you will no doubt both blame Ebay for the confusion. On the other hand, if it doesn't arrive and Ebay were in fact acting in good faith by trying to warn you, don't hold your breath.



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