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New Build of the Cutty Sark


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Hi All,


I read in the latest issue of Yachting World that a crowd funding project is in place to build a working full size replica of the Cutty Sark.


The project is in the early stages at present, but will have built a working Cutty Sark replica by 2019. The launch date is set to be the 22nd November 2019 which will be exactly 150 years to the day from when the CS was launched.


Follow the link below for more details:



I hope this interests you, and that you feel like signing up to the project as a volunteer like I have done. There are plenty of opportunities for voluntary work, including hands on construction work starting late 2016, early 2017.


Cheers for now,


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Sounds to good to be true. Hope my suspicions are unfounded. I won't be sending any money until there is much more information made public and there is a binding, enforceable legal document, recorded in a proper jurisdiction, to produce, 'that will require that a performance bond be posted'. That would establish intent with the bond providing funds for compleation in the event of non performance.  But most important are the details about ownership and control after launch and fitting out. Will she meet  licencing and safety requirements to engage in the noted activities,  then how is the maintance going to be taken care of long term?


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Pat - I'm pretty positive it will, but then again it wouldn't surprise me if the funding proved to be too ambitious.


Jud - I thought as much when I first read about the project, but I thought I'd give it a go. I have no money involved in the project, and until the keel is laid I won't be putting any money down on the project.


As for the performance bond, that is unkown to me, I've just volunteered offering CAD drafting services and collating information.


The CS2 will have to be MCA certified as 'either a Cargo Vessel or a private Megayacht' (direct quote), so I guess she will be licensed under MCA regulations accordingly, which will determine her use later on in life.


Ownership and control of the ship would be held by "Cutty Sark 2 Sail" charity, but large investors and partners in the project would obviously have some weight in the decisions made for the ships future.

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