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Which naval training ship? Fairly newcomer


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Hi all,


I have been lurking around this forum for a while now.


In the past I have started a few builds, but always had trouble when I came to the planking. But after I found this forum, I think I would manage with a new kit.


I will start with a smaller set from most likely Artesania, but my goal is one the naval training ships.


But which set should I go for;


Which set have the best plans?

Best fit?

Best components?


I'm looking for the a build around 100cm long, but there are more manufacturers making the same ship.


The ships i primarily have been looking at are; Skoleskibet Denmark by Billing Boats, Gorch Foch and Amerigo Vespucci.


My budget is around 350-400€.


Hope that I can get some feedback on which set to choose.


Kind regards Henrik

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Hello Henrik, welcome to MSW !! I'm building the Vespucci 1/100 (I bought it for 320 euros) and with the bowsprit is 100cm. But i don't know if you find it difficult or not . That will be your first ship? This is my second build and  tell you the truth... it's kinda difficult with the instructions of Mantua. I think you should look a more simple ship such as bluenose (this was my first build, and learn a lot of things on her).. This is only my opinion after all!! Glad if i can help you. Wait and from other members to help you regarding your question.




Current Build: Amerigo Vespucci -Mantua- 1:100 scale


Completed Build logs: Bluenose II AL 1:75 scale


Gallery: Bluenose II AL 1:75 scale


Future Build: Royal Caroline -Panart- 1:47 scale







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