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So I'm building the super popular da Fran II. Had this great idea to rig my cannons like I would on my next build (rattlesnake ms). So attached eyebolts to the bulkheads got my blocks all set up and went to rig my first cannon and the distance between the bulkhead and cannon was to say the least not enough. It looked like a train wreck. So my question is there alternative rigging souloutions for cannons that are somewhat realistic? The pic below is an idea I had to maybe rig the cannons. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. post-1401-0-46554500-1363317382_thumb.jpg

Nothing is glued down or perminate and none of the line have been trimmed

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The appearance of the woodwork looks very nice.   Regarding your request for feedack on the cannon rigging, couple suggestions, so hope you don't mind.  It looks like you ran the running rigging through the eyes where there would be another block.  The blocks that you do have there appear to be oversized, which may be the reason it did not look right in your earlier tries. For the blocks that you did use, the hole in the blocks through which the line passes should be towards the bulkhead.  The missing blocks would have the holes opposite. The ends of the lines were more likely frapped rather than coiled on the deck.  Again hope you don't mind the comments.  



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No thank you so much for the feedback. It's exactly what I'm looking for. I have a diagram for my rattlesnake that shows the rigging (proper). The huh moment I'm having is that these are the smallest blocks I could find, 3mm I think. So it looks like ill either have to make my own or go shopping. Again thank you for the feedback

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