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Boomkins for 1799 Enterprise


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COnstructo wants me to take a length of 2mm  brass rod to make my boomkins. I tried it their way and while I dont hate it I thought could improve on it by making my own from wood. After poring through my "extensive" library consisting of the Fully Framed series, Masting and Rigging and Arming and Fitting the only real information I came across was for the Swan Class Sloops and they seem completely different from what Constructo recommends


My first question is where should it be located, the second is size. I am guessing the size is some ratio of the bowsprit, but really I havent a clue.


Any thoughts or direction to search would be appreciated. Feel free to mark up my photos if that helps.


Below is a couple of pictures showing what I have at the moment. I taped the brass rod to the bottom of the part I whittled last night. The position and angle is roughly where Constructo locates it on the plans.








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Thanks Joel. Looking at Constitution pictures here and online I think I will go with what I have in the location Constructo indicates. Its more or less what I have seen in the Constitution pictures and good enough for my simplified build. She will never be in a museum or contest. :D



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