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Windlass on 18th Century longboat

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A work boat with oars and sailing capabilities which means a mast. The mast and it's rig plus the sail were probably stepped, rigged and used with straight manpower without the aid of the windless. Being a work boat it would be necessary to load barrels, timbers, new and used rope coils and also have the ability to ship and carry out a Kedge Anchor. Probably many other uses where a windless in a boat would be useful. A windless, mast, boom and an assortment of blocks and rope could be  great labor saving devices when used by experienced seamen.


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Pages 228-229 of Lavery's Arming and Fitting give a good synopsis of the windlass.  As written by Lavery,launches, which pretty much replaced longboats on ships of 20 guns or more by 1780, had windlasses.   In addition to the windlass would often be found a davit.   Prior to the davit there would have been a lignum vitae sheave over which line would run out.   The davit and windlass combination was necessary when lifting the buoy rope in order to lift  the crown of a 3 ton anchor that had become embedded in the bottom.  No boat crew could do this without the aid of the windlass.   The davit rested on a pivot pin as shown on the photo.  Hope this helps.





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BOATS OF MEN OF WAR                                         
NIP/Chatham  1999


describes an interesting addition:  two tubular trunks, one on either side of the keel at the windlass, thru the bottom of the Launch.

Ropes up thru the trunks to the windlass could lift and hold for transport - anchors and cannon.  A solution to a potential tipping or stern dipping problem. Investigation of this was begun in1818.

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