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HMS Vulture 1776 Cross-section by Dan Vadas - 1:48 scale from TFFM books - FINISHED

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Hi all,


Having completed HMS Vulture and donating her to the Port Macquarie Maritime Museum I decided to build a Cross-section of the ship to display alongside her.


I will be building the section in exactly the same way I built the original model, using the same timbers etc. This will allow viewers to see some of the internal details which are now virtually invisible.


Below is my now customary Index to Points of Interest. Clicking on a Link will take you to the relevant post where the construction of that area begins. The Index will be added to as work progresses.


Index to Points of Interest







Fitting Frames


Pump Recesses and Pump Inlets


Internal Planking

Treenailing and Mainmast Step

Lower Deck Beams

Stanchions for the Well

Lower Well and Shot Locker

Limber Boards and Lower Deck Knees

Iron Knees


Chain Pump Sprocket and Chain

Pump Tubes

Hatch Coamings


Lower Deck Planking

Upper Well

Mast Partner Carlings and Main Topsail Sheet Bitt Pins

Hammock Battens


Mast Partners and Pump Tubes Fitted



External Planking and Treenailing and Port Liners

Bitts Fitted, Cisterns and Chain Pump Cranks

Elm Tree Pumps


Quarterdeck Section, Entry Steps and External Moldings

Guns Finished, Gangways and Ladder

Gangway Railing and Newel Post, Channel, Chains and Deadeyes





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Hi Danny,

I am really looking forward to detailed building techniques which were sadly lost after the "crash". Now that I have started the Euryalus, I am finding the progress a little frustrating without being able to follow detailed instructions from those who have gone before.Although the books are good and the MSW pictures are fantastic, I find myself asking "how did they do that?". Now I'll know. Now back to my "daily fix". And thanks for choosing a "Period build".



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Thank you all for your interest in this build. Any comments are always welcome. And Russell, we're all still waiting for your Build Log of Euryalus :D .


Preparations begin by first deciding how much of the section to build. I decided on roughly this area, which shows the Well and Shot Locker, as well as the lower part of the Main Mast and the Pumps. There will also be two fully-rigged Guns on the Upper Deck :


Plans 003.jpg


Next I worked out which Frames will be needed from the Framing Plan :


Plans 002.jpg


Then I printed out the frames from the CD supplied by Admiralty Models for the Swan Class Ships. I printed these on sticky-backed A4 size Label Paper (2 frames per sheet) :


Plans 001.jpg


When I checked on how much timber I have left from building Vulture, there was a bit less Swiss Pear than I thought. I have enough to make a decent start, but I'll have to order a few more pieces from Crown Timberyard. These will probably take around 6 weeks to arrive (at least 4 of those clearing Customs) so there may be a short delay in sequential construction later on. I can pass the time by building other details :) .


Cheers, Danny

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The post isn't even up for 24 hours and already I'm in the "Standing Room" section!!!!! It's ok though, I'll wait until one of the other miscreants, has to visit the loo from all the beer they've been swilling and steal their seat.

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And another thank you to my new followers for looking in :) .


any ideas of a full made up mast (no rigging)  as a separate item also?



No Pat. The ones on the full model are clear enough to see all those details. The cross-section will only get a stub mast to about half the height of the lower mast. I'll detail the section that I fit of course.




Work has started by making up the Keel.


First I glued on the False Keel. Then I fitted two stainless steel mounting nuts into the keel itself - on the full model these went into the Rising Wood, but that created a few problems with exact placement under two frames to hide them.


Mounting Nuts 002.jpg


The rising wood needed a little bit of scalloping out to clear the tops of the nuts :


Mounting Nuts 001.jpg


I've also cut in the Rabbet. I used a 45° cutter in my Mill, as this section has a straight rabbet :


Rabbet 001.jpg


I managed to JUST cut through to the mounting nut on the port side - lucky that it's the side that will be planked :D :


Rabbet 002.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Last job for today, I cut the mortices into the keel for the frames. This wasn't totally necessary as they won't be seen later, but I figure it makes it easier to line up the frames at the correct spacing.


Frame Mortices.jpg


Speaking of spacing, I've followed The Framing Disposition plan I got from the NMM. The spacings aren't even on the plan, some are 2 1/4" scale inches different to others, making them LOOK wrong even though they are correct.


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Greg.


The first pieces of the frames have been cut. I've made all the Floors first, as they are the thickest at 10 (scale) inches thick. If I run out of Pear before the new stock arrives I'll be able to run the remainder of my thicker stuff, including the leftover from the 10", through my Thickness Sander to get the thinner Futtocks and Toptimbers.


The Port side of this Cross-section will be fully planked inside and out as was the full model. I'm using simple scarph joints on the planked side - the open side will have Chocks between all the futtocks.


Note that these pieces are virtually straight off the scroll saw - there's a bit of finessing to be done yet. Every 2nd frame has a Floor, so only half of them are in these pics. Nothing has been glued in yet :


Floors 001.jpg


Floors 003.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Thanks Crackers, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in that commercial - that's the various ways we have of opening beer "Down Under". Can't imagine why it would be banned, probably the guy who opened it with his forehead :D :D .


:cheers:  Danny

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