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Dan Vadas

HMS Vulture 1776 Cross-section by Dan Vadas - 1:48 scale from TFFM books - FINISHED

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Do you know if this was generally used or limited to certain size ships, or ships built by certain nations, etc.?


Richard it was generally used on English warships of the 18th and early 19th century. Further than that I don't know.


:cheers:  Danny

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Hi all,


I've had some Internet issues lately, and haven't been able to post much of anything. It's all resolved now though, so I have a lot of catch-up to do. Where to start :D ?


I'd previously made the Main Topsail Sheet Bitts and the Main Jeer Bitts, so these could now be fitted along with the Eyebolts around the main mast and those for the Gun Tackles in the spirketting.


Next job was to make the Chain Pump mechanisms, starting with the Cranks. These were all silver soldered and blackened. I left the joints in the aft ends of the cranks to be epoxied in after the rest was assembled :


Cranks 001.jpg


Cranks 002.jpg


Cranks 003.jpg


Next I made and fitted the Cisterns. A more detailed description of how these were assembled can be found in my Log of the full Vulture model :


Cisterns 001.jpg


Cisterns 002.jpg


Cisterns 003.jpg


The Rhodings for both bitts came next. I filed these from brass sheet. The "bolts" were easier to fit in longer lengths, which were later cut down and blackened after the epoxy had dried :


Rhodings 001.jpg


Rhodings 002.jpg


The pumps completed. You will notice that the pics are a bit out of sequence - I hadn't taken many pictures during construction and had to go back and take them after I'd fitted a few other things :


Chain Pumps Fitted 001.jpg


Chain Pumps Fitted 002.jpg


Continued in next post .......

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The two 9 pounder Guns were next. I cut the various steps in the carriages on the Byrnes saw


Guns 001.jpg


Guns 003.jpg


Some (rather dusty :D ) details of the guns. Once again, more can be found in the full model log :


Guns 006.jpg


Guns 007.jpg


The guns in place. Side Tackles are yet to be fitted - I'm waiting on some of Chuck's 0.3mm line which has kindly been given to me by Grant Dale (Thanks mate :) ):


Guns 004.jpg


Guns 005.jpg


:cheers:  Danny

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Very neat work as usual Danny.  I particularly like the effect of having the cut-through for detail of the hatch and grating as it shows their construction very nicely; something not shown very often or if at all.





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Thanks for all the comments and Likes :) .


The last few pieces of work. Thanks again to Grant for the rigging line I needed to finish off the guns - they turned out pretty well I think :

Finished 001.jpg


Finished 003.jpg


Finished 004.jpg


The Gangways and Ladder. Tricky getting the mortices for the angles on the stiles cut correctly, as there is a 5 degree difference between the two sides. I had to have two goes at it, as I cut them back-to-front the 1st time :


Gangways 001.jpg


Gangways 002.jpg


Ladder 001.jpg


Ladder 002.jpg


Ladder 003.jpg


Continued in next post .....

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.... continued.


The Railing for the gangway and it's Newell Post and Bracing :


Gangways 003.jpg


Gangways 004.jpg


Finally, the port Channel, Deadeyes and Chains. All pieces were constructed in similar fashion to the full model :





Pics of the finished model will be added shortly.


:cheers:  Danny

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No surprise.... just another gorgeous model from Dan Vadas.  What a nice complement to the rigged model of Vulture.  The two together will be double enjoyment for all viewers.  What project is next for you Dan?



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