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JSC model ship Krakow


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New to the forums and looking for advice on JSC model ships.


I have in the past built card model ships from Germany with success.


With this experience in mind, I confidently ordered and received a JSC beginners model 0f Kosciuszko and called Krakow - both Polish merchant ships from the interwar era. I also purchased at the same time a number of First World German warships from thesame publisher with theintention of progressing to them once my beginners model had been completed.


Famous last words! Krakow has me totally bewildered and frustrated. The English instructions simply tell you to cut out and fit the pieces in sequence/ However, to begin with, the sides and the hull base plate do not seem to match at all, the former being too short to curve around the latter. To be sure there are dotted lines, dashes and solid lines, but what on earth do these mean? Presumably, these are to be bent in some way, but it is far from clear which way.


I did try a web site for card modellers, and there was some talk about JSC egg carton construction. However, that does not help much at all in visualising just how the thing goes together.


Looks like I will be giving the whole lot away - a pity, but without having the faintest clue as to how to start there seems itt;le point.


Is there anyone out there whose figured tt all out with JSC models.?

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JSC models are a mixed bag.  My first attempt at a card ship was JSC's 1/400 Mikasa.  Bad choice - scale too small, model crudely hand-drawn.  Many of their kits are still of the older, hand-drawn variety and not particularly good.  I can't speak to the quality of their newer releases.  Quality English instructions are still a rarity among Eastern European publishers, so experience is still the best predictor of success with such kits.  Starting a build log with pics could help us get you around some of the sticky parts.

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