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This review and introduction of the VandaLay Industries - product Hold it Plus - is from a pure personal point of view and not related to the company.

I bought this along with another tool that will be reviewed as well.

Vanda Lay is located in Irvine, California and is a small family business.

I was impressed by the courtliness of the owner himself when he answered the phone and I realized I had caught him on personal time, together with his wife they were on their way to get one of their kids.

He took time with me and the order over the phone, excusing that one (this particular unit) was not complete for direct shipping. He said probably by Friday he had time to do something about it.

As I was not in any rush to get the " Hold it Plus" I was very surprised receiving my whole order five days later!! That's including shipping.

The bottom holding piece is cnc'd from heavy aluminium, other pieces of aluminum is very lightweight and I am suspecting it is T-1011 (aircraft aluminium).

All the pieces fits perfectly together.

The assembly is easy even without instructions. It is very straight forward.

Think "Bottom plate and work upwards."

One of the areas that are need of Loctite is the assembly of the drill frame.

Here the Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242 is a good choice. It holds and locks but still when needed easily broken.

One locking screw seems to be missing, both in pictures from the company itself but also not part of the "kit"

The locking screw I am looking for is for the swivel base of the drill.

Most mini drill i.e Dremel, Proxxon and more are supposed to fit with the "Multi fit clamp"

Here I would recommend adding some kind of padding, both for more even tension but also for not get any marking on your power tool.

I have the Dremel XPR 400 the most powerful of the Dremels, when turning it on , even without the padding there were no vibrations. On the other hand, here is where I would like to see a more model shaped clamp. There is way to much space for the powertool to start  wandering off the line of work.

I don't think "One Clamp fits all" is the way to go.

As for the other tool from this company I am to make a review of I am afraid it will be the same as for the fitting.

There are room for improvements.

Overall, I do look forward of working with this accessory especially for small part jobs.

It is sturdy and will last forever.


I am working on creating an instruction for this tool, both assembly wise but also for various work.

One area I notice this can be useful is making many belaying pins in a sequence, like a mini lathe.



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Hi Dr. Per, don't take it too hard. It's difficult to overcome a name that is so connected to such an extremely successful show. 


That said, perhaps we can all work a little harder at not taking over another person's thread with off-topic comments?


I myself have purchased a few of the Vanda-Lay products. When working on my first scratch builds, I used their Acra-Mill Plus set up to help me make my own blocks. It actually worked quite well for cutting the strips to size, thicknessing them, and then slotting both single and double sheave blocks and also slotting them for the stropping rope.


The AcraMill Plus uses the same "universal" tool holding clamps, which I agree aren't a great design. They do work, but as you said, they can mar the plastic of the Dremel tool. Also, it's possible to clamp too tightly and affect the motor itself.


But, the parts are well machined, and the Vanda-Lay tools are particularly useful when you don't have much room to work. 


They also used to make a Treenail Maker that I wish was still available.


Very good review!



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Dr. Per, please accept my apologies..... just having some fun with the Seinfeld reference..... Vanda Lay has been around for quite a while, I personally feel they are priced a bit high considering that the rotary tool is not included and for most milling, sawing and drilling needs there are better alternatives for my money. Sorry for side tracking your thread....

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I appreciate the apologies and accept them.

No hard feelings taken, but I was hoping we could stick to topics.

Let us leave this behind and move forward.

For all others that hasn't tried the tools available, now it's time to try them out.

This is what America was based on, small businesses creating a small new area for enthusiast just like us.

We can complain about prices that is in general, but go ahead and try to make the same tool for yourself, the trial and error and material will cost you more than buying it from someone who already has a great idea and a product to use.


Clare this one is for you

They still have the tree-nailing tool.

Does it work good? I am truly curious about it and is it a time saver? What about various tree-nail sizes?



And yes, I like the Seinfeld series too.....
Funny for the part of it  -  There is a Vandelay Industry company...... and they are into printing and screening


Back to modeling  - ship modeling that is! :)

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Dr. Per, they still list it on the website. But, I've contacted him on two occasions over the past couple years and he says he doesn't make them any more. I don't know if it's good or not, but was willing to try it out. I was finally ready to bight the bullet last year or so and found out they were discontinued. 



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I too join in with an apology.  Very sorry.  I have a tendency to turn any subject  into a topic of mirth if and when possible.  I did appreciate the review and as a matter of fact intend to research some of their products.  I should have first shown my appreciation before joining in the merriment.  So thank you for taking the time.


Now, having said that, are you now or have you ever been a member of the Seinfeld fanatical society?  Those of us who are simply can't resist bits like this.

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Nice review Dr. Per. :D

   I purchased the drill press plus. It is very nice for all the really small projects that need drilling. I also join in on your review on the owner. A very nice man. Every time I called he did not answer. But it was not long before I received a return call. He is very helpful with any questions you have on his tools. So if anybody is interested in his tools. I recommend you give him a call if you are considering a purchase. He is a very nice man who will work with you in any of your needs.

   May I correct only one thing on your review Dr. He actually lives in Running Springs Ca.  A mountain community in the San Bernardino County. I only live about  40 mins from him. He does have family in my town of Apple Valley. So we be neighbors.







This is what I have purchased from him. I liked because my multi speed dremel w/w well with it. Plus I can upgrade if i want to.

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