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Thermopylae by kpnuts - Revell - PLASTIC

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Hi all we due to the kind generosity of CPNGROATS (a member on another forum who was so impressed by my model ships he gifted this to me from his own stash)I have received this 







Thank you very, very much George, very kind indeed.

I hastily opened it tonight eader to start but my missus says NO!!! "you have enough models on the go, cluttering up my house. you finish some of them off and get them out the way". to be fair I do have 9 on the go and bits are all over the place, she's generally ok so I cant complain ( but I have found in the past a bit of sweet talking can bring her round ) so watch this space, in the very near future.

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is there a mold date on the model.....it can be found on the center section of the deck,  near the main mast hole.  that's where I found it on my Cutty Sark...I did think it odd that they'd put it topside,  rather than on the under side.  the sails get brittle on older kits....I have a few spots on my United States kit sails

     is there a decal sheet?  if there is,  they may be micro cracked......you won't find that out until you use them ;)   to prevent this,  there is a product you can purchase......Testor's decal bonder.   sprayed on the decals before hand will prevent this from happening.  the only drawback is that you'll need to cut them out close to the image.   long story on how I came to know this  ;)

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I know how you feel about what the missus told you, I got a Revell Cutty Sark gifted to me and itching to build it, but have too many other projects, as least according to her.  Her other problem is were to put them when complete, we have a small house and both parents houses have more ship models than the Peabody museum.

That is the same kit sitting at my moms house waiting for me to put the running rigging on it someday.  Built in 1976 and have yet to complete it.  Partially because the plastic masts and spars warped so bad.  Overall, very fun kit to build, then again, all the Revell 1/96 kits have been fun builds.



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The moulding says 1959 that's 2yrs after I was born the moulding looks really crisp, looks good for a kit of this age and the sails don't seem any more brittle than the Royal Sovriegn (these sails will get the same treatment) yes there are decals. So maybe I will have to spray with varnish (which I have used before for dodgy decals.

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I suspect this has been shared on some other topic, but I want to ask anyway-With a plastic model this old, is there a concern or problem with the plastic outgassing and becoming brittle? I recognize that spars and other small pieces can be replaced if desired/necessary, but I've had some older plastic models that were warped and crack when trying to straighten them.


Otherwise, I hope you have a great time with this kit!


Just curious.





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Ah yes, brings back memories.  I too build the Cutty Sark by Revel back in 1958 but unfortunately the cat cot to it and then various moves.  I also bought the Thermopylae at at that time, which is still in the box on the shelf.  May never get to it though but I'll be visiting your shipyard.  Good luck with her, she was a fine ship.



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I've built the Cutty twice........the second I still need to repair and finish.  1959.......yea,  that's old.......pretty sure that it's from the first production.   I have always believed that the Cutty and the Thermopylae came from the same molds......I've read articles where folks complained about getting Cutty decals in their Thermopylae kits.  there were several kits in this series.....four other models in the series shared the same similarity of production:


the Constitution and the UnitedStates

the Alabama and the Kearsarge 


I was just looking at  old models.com    they have this model for $210.00.    I put it on my Christmas list  :)

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Hi all well since I'm having a rest from the darn Citroen (Hellers 1/8 Citroen Traction Avant A Mahoosive kit)I need something to fall back on (this addiction will be the death of me)I thought what be better than this,TBH I've been looking forward to this since I was kindly given it (I just hope I can do it justice) 










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I will definitely be following your build log. I have two 1/96 Thermopylae models in my stash waiting patiently for their turn. I bought the second one as a backup/parts kit. I am planning on starting my 1/96 Cutty Sark after the New Year. I found out the Mrs. Santa bought me the Scale Decks wood deck for Christmas..... I must have been a good boy this year!


I also saw your thread over on FSM and was wondering if your are planning on painting the hull a darker green? I look forward to your next post. By the way, I found and bought a set of new decals on evilBay recently and they are great. Not sure if they have any for the Thermopylae but I will check it out and let you know if you would like.



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Hi all well I've tried a little experiment, I got some copper and brass leaf with the intention of guilding the copper plates and spraying it with salt water to get the patination of the real plates, well they dissolved so that's out so now I'm thinking I will guild it then distress it with a combination of washes and such my question is ( as there is some debate as to weather it was copper or muntz metal which is an alloy of zinc and brass I think) should I guild it with copper or brass.




















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