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Boothbay Lobster Boat by GARTH - FINISHED - Midwest - SMALL

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Building model boats from kits my seem easy but it can be challenging sometimes. A example is installation of the Chine Logs & the rudder parts After gluing the Balsa chine  in place they need to be shaped to the ribs this is a very difficult step as these balsa strips have to mate properly with side of hull . Next is the Rudder installation I like to use brass for the rudder & silver solder to rudder shaft . after I used parts from kit found that rudder arm wouldn't fit properly on shaft so made another one that had a larger brass rod  & tube for shaft also needed to be larger. Next step for another day is Hull planking .


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This model boat came with Balsa wood that was to be used for the hull then that needed to be fiberglassed .I think balsa wood should be used on model airplanes not boats  So had some Bass wood sheets that I cut to use on the hull and I'll epoxy later P/S that nasty white stuff is our first snow fall & I'm sure we'll  get a lot more 


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I'm finishing up a kit of the Midwest bass boat (kit not made anymore) for a friend. I also chucked the balsa in favor of bass wood. I'll be interested to see how your plans match up with the model. I found several glaring errors in dimensions between the plans and the supplied cut pieces.


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My little model is coming along pretty well I'll probably call her Gumboot Cloggeroo A tribute to Stompin Tom Conner's song here's some lyrics We sailed away at the break of day to pull traps in oilskin trousers on the Suzy Jack but we're back tonight wit a thousand pounds of LOBSTERS Oh shanty town we're gonna tear ya down


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I'v finished up the Booth Bay lobster boat exterior. Need to start on the electronics Ordered a Pro Boat speed control that hasn't arrived yet , I will use 7.2 NIMH battery for power & a Hobby King 2.4 Ghz 6 channel transmitter . After the electronic are in I'll have to wait for warmer weather as It's gotten a little chilly here in Ontario Canada most ponds are frozen now. 




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