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Santisima Trinidad Cross Section by Mike Dowling - FINISHED

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Hello folks',

No I have not been idle all summer but very slowly progressing with the OcCre version of the Santisima Trinidad cross section. I didn't start a build log so none of you will have been able to follow my progress. Part of my reason for this is that there is already a wonderful build log on this kit on msw already and it seemed silly just to duplicate everything.


It will not be a surprise to you that I am an OcCre kit fan and the quality of this kit was up to their usual standards. I can't complain about them, only my own mistakes and 'shortcuts'!!! although I have to say their instructions were not as good as other kits they make.


The reason I wanted to build this one was to practice and try to improve my rigging skills which I feel I have. My shrouds and deadeyes especially were much better than I had done before and most of the rigging I am pleased with. I know for the keen eyed that I did make one bilateral mistake and belayed a couple of ropes to the wrong places. By the time I noticed it was already too late to undo so I will live with it.


I think it is a strange thing to do in some ways - a cross section - and I wouldn't do another one because for all the effort involved it never was going to look complete in a way. I wouldn't even dream of doing the whole ship which OcCre also do as not only is it huge but I think I would lose patience with it quite fast.


Anyway, I will post some pictures of my efforts for you all to see and love or hate as you wish.


My next project is going to be my second stage coach which I know is not of interest on this site but, fear not, I shall be watching you !!!


I am thinking of doing the RMS Titanic afterwards !!!!!!!! Watch this space !


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Nice surprise to see you've completed another build and done a smashing good job of it.  Yes, your rigging looks superb.  I particularly checked out the deadeyes and chain plates as those are the parts I've been working on lately.  Very nice.  Looks like you've learned your lessons well.  Lots of good interior detail in there which I know you love.  So its back to stage coaches now?  I think you're quite smart to mix up the builds when you get the urge.

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Thanks for that. Your twisted lanyards post was interesting but I found with the bottom deadeyes fixed and making sure the shrouds were not twisted I did OK. It was getting them level that gave me a headache ! Anyway, I knew you would enjoy the rigging (!!!!!), I shall be glad to see the back of it for a while.

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