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Santìsima Trinidad by jack.aubrey - FINISHED - De Agostini - Scale 1:90 - Cross Section

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On May 3, 2009 I officially started to build the Santìsima Trinidad's Cross Section.


It is the second part of the De Agostini collection made up of 160 weekly issues in which you build A) the entire model and later B)the Cross Section.
It seemed me quite simple to build and I thought to follow with due diligence the kit instructions. This was my first cross section and I didn't want to take any risks. 
In that period of time I had another project still active: the Armed Launch 1803 by Panart and it was in concurrence with this one. 
I published the images of the finished model of the armed launch on the gallery here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/210-armed-launch-1803/

At that time I didn't have a workshop where to progress my models so I was working at home, on the kitchen table . . each time i started something I had to put out everything and at the end put away everything . . heartrending !!
That's all for now, cheers, Jack.Aubrey.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050512.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050513.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050514.jpg

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First of all I needed a basement that allowed me to mount perfectly aligned the two frames. I built the one shown in the first two images.


01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050516.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050517.jpg

Here below you can see how it should work. The frames and the keel are simply positioned, not yet permanently.
Kind regards, Jack.Aubrey
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050518.jpg
PS: For this project I decided to use the aliphatic glue, instead of the vinyl.


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Additional images showing the frames installed on the basement from other views. Now its time to glue them . . 


01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050519.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050520.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050521.jpg
See you next time. Jack.Aubrey
PS: my first experience with the aliphatic glue is positive. It works in a very similar way of the vinyl and it is quite fast to grip and dry. I slightly changed the basement. As soon as possible I will show these few changes . .


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May 5, 2009


The crop of the keel distributed with the kit was not right, so I made a new one; on it I have fixed the two frames.
Then I started to plank the inside of the hull, using pieces of mahogany of 5x2mm.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050523.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050524.jpg
Here below the "phantom" of this model without the basement used to mount it. It's very weak, in a particular way in the upper part. It must be managed carefully, at least until the internal and external planking will reach the right position to ensure enough strength.
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050525.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050526.jpg
That's all, see you next time, Jack.


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Jack, what kit is this/ and did it have a picture of the completed build on it?


The kit comes from De Agostini, more precisely from a weekly collection of booklets made up, if i well remenber, of 160 issues.

As I wrote in my first message the collection allows you to build two models:

  • the entire model of this mighty ship
  • the cross section

I didn't complete the first (I sold it to a friend before installing the masts) because in that period I lost the location of my workshop, so I started and completed the second: I didn't need too much space to work so I was able to do it at home . .


Kind regards, Jack.  

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May 6th, 2009 - further small advancements


First let me speak about the changes I had to do on the basement. This because I discovered it was not possible to remove the model once I installed some pieces of the inside planking. 
By difference with other images you can sort out the changes I made: this changes allow me to extract the model when I want.
Now let's see the new things: I have built the woodden block where the main mast will stay, after I started to install the outside planking, starting from the bottom near the keel upwards. At this point there are seven planks installed outside. This task was done with the model extracted from its base.
Last I have finished the planking inside the hull reaching the first deck, the hold.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050528.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050529.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050530.jpg
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050531.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050532.jpg
See you next time, Jack.Aubrey


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Friday May 8th, 2009


I definitely use the kitchen to build this model. It is a bright room and generally I work just after lunch. My wife is happy because I help her to clear the table and I'm happy because she is happy . .
Let's start with the first image where there are two products: on the left side the aliphatic glue I'm using and on the right a new entry, at least in this project. It is an oil for wood, available clear and also coloured. I use the clear one instead of the various kinds of enamels, wood fillers, acrilic, poliurethane and so on.  
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050534.jpg
To apply this oil I use a brush of medium size and, when it is absorbed by the wood (+/- after 1 day) it is perfectly dry and matt. I think it is a real alternative to painting.
It is obvious that the surfaces must be properly prepared with sandpaper and removing traces of glue that may interfere with the oil absorbment. The result from its usage is that the wood takes a very nice, natural colour. This happens in a particolar way on dark woods but I used it also on fair woods, like beechwood or boxwood.
The main advantage by using this oil is that the pores of the wood are not closed and you can use the aliphatic or the vinyl glue after its usage without any kind of problems. And this is a great thing . . 
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050536.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050537.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050538.jpg
I have added some few planks on the external side, now it is at the same level of the internal planking . .
I have also installed, following the instructions, a third beam.
Now I'm working to prepare the hold deck.


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Two additional images to better appreciate the chromatic result of applying this oil . .


01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050539.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050540.jpg
See you next time, Jack.Aubrey


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Very Nice finish you got on that mahogany. This is a new one on me, I dont think this has been built by anybody else here on MSW - at least I havent noticed it anyway - I shall pop in and watch your progress now and then.



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Sunday May 10th, 2009


Now it's time to further continue this modelwork by building its first deck, the lowest of this ship. The raw pieces are 1) a precutted ply representing this deck and 2) same strips of fair wood 3x1mm. 
For the deck planking I have selected a pattern that will repeat every three stripes. At the end I leveled the deck with sandpaper. The colour of these stripes of wood, provided by the kit manufacturer, is really "random" . . I installed them without regarding to their colour and the result is not the maximum . .
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050541.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050542.jpg
Before mounting the deck above the three beams already in place, i decided to reproduce a more realistic situation below the planking. The real things were not so simple as proposed by the kit.
The result of this "customization" can be seen here below . .
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050543.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050544.jpg
On Monday 11th I have also definitely installed this deck in place . . 
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050545.jpg
Cheers. Jack.Aubrey


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Monday May 11th, 2009


New additional images, with more details about the deck viewed from the bottom side. The colour difference is very evident, but I think that, later, there will be a lot of things (packages, barrel and something else) on this deck that will probably hide this problem, or, at least, will decrease its visual impact. Anyway, wood is wood and the nature plays its role also on the colour of the same wood . . 
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050546.jpg
What I like much is the work on the lower part of the deck, simulating more realistically the deck beams. These last four images show these little customizations . .
A view from the poop side . . . 
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050547.jpg
And from the bow side . . .
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050548.jpg
A partial attempt to take a macro . . .
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050549.jpg
And last a more traditional view . . .
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050550.jpg
That's all for today, now I will go further with the next deck. Cheers,  Jack.Aubrey


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Tuesday May 12th, 2009


As anticipated I started to work for the second deck . . more precisely the lower gun deck, where the thirty 36 pdr guns were located. At Traflagar these guns were thirty-four.
Here below the visual documentation of the work done: the planking of the internal side above the hold and the first two beams of the lower deck.
Is is also possible to notice that I have temporarily applied some reinforcements to the frames . . they are very weak and i am afraid to break them. I used the cyan acrilate glue that is easier to detach than other glues. 
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050551.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050552.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050553.jpg
Again two new attempts of macros . . I decided to learn how to use the manual focusing, looking at the results . . 
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050554.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050555.jpg
See you next time. Kind regards by Jack.Aubrey


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Wednesday May 13th, 2009


Now that I have reached the level of the lower gun deck beams, in the internal side, I can proceed also on the external side by installing there the same 5x2mm mahogany stripes on each side.
But, instead of speaking about this work, very easy to do, this message is aimed to highlight to important points:

  • Again, the nice appearance of the wood after the application of the oil. in addition I have discovered another important added value by using it: in general, if you do not remove well the glue, the paint and also the oil finds difficult to locate its right way between the pores and you can easily see that the colour is different comparing to that of a clean area. But, and these are the good news, I discovered that after some days, this oil finds another way to soak the wood, below the surface of the glue, and the result is that the colour becomes equal everywhere. 

01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050556.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050557.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050558.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050559.jpg

  • The second point is that my basement must be rebuilt in a different way, If you look at the following image you will understand why. As result of applying the external planking, it is now too narrow and the hull cannot enter entirely in it . . I need to rebuild it with a different method, and I'm confident that my first experience will greatly help to achieve a good result.

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050560.jpg
See you next time. Kind regards, Jack.Aubrey
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Wednesday June 3rd, 2009 - Lower gun deck


Today I started to work to build the lower gun deck. First I had to plank the preshaped ply with the supplied stripes of fair wood 3x1mm. And here rised the same problem: the different colour of these strips. This time I decided to concentrate the darker ones at the extremities of the deck in a symmetrical way. The following images show the result.
This problem is recurring with this kind of kits. The fact that pieces of the same wood are sent in different issues, instead of all together, exposes to the risk of great dissimilarities in colour and something else.  
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050663.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050664.jpg
Again the "customization" of the lower side of the deck, same concept used for the hold. At the end of the planned work, about 6 hours divided in 3/4 sessions, I applied a coat of oil and let him to dry before continue.
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050665.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050666.jpg
Next I built this kind of hanged loft, described in the building instructions. I don't know the nautical term. The image shows the piece much greater than reality.
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050675.jpg
In the next message I will describe with texture and images the new work done. Regards, Jack.Aubrey.

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Friday June 5th, 2009


In a couple of short sessions I have prepared and painted the pillars that support the beams of the hold and the lower gun deck.
The first image here below completes the last one of the previous message, showing the "loft" in a capsized position.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050676.jpg
Next four images show the gun deck installed in place and some views of the whole, painted pillars included.
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050668.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050669.jpg
To highlight the "admiralty" simulation of the beams visible below the decks.
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050670.jpg
Here below the pillars are not yet installed because I need first to install the "loft". Anyway they are ready.
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050671.jpg
That's all, see you next time, Jack.

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Nice way to show the growth of this interesting model. I like very much the images that, with the help of right comments, make this log clear and easy to follow. Tom.


Thank you Tom, I have greatly appreciated your positive comment. 


Wednesday June 10th, 2009

I spent some time to organize my next tasks about this model. I had to think about two main points:

- the new basement; I need to develop one type that will be usable until the end, stable and possibly to be held to a table when useful;
- the way to build the gun ports; I defined some solutions in the meantime, finally deciding for the choice I will describe soon, particularly different to the solution from building instructions provided by De Agostini.

Now lets discuss about the basement.

- First I planked the external side until the first plank of the lower wale. This strip is of walnut of 4x4mm size.
- Like its predecessor I used the same plywood, 8mm thickness and 10 cm wide.
- I have calculated the right position of the lower wale on the real model and with these measures in mind I have done the vertical supports, applied at the proper position.
- The section now enters perfectly in the base and the wale holds it.
- Then, on the horizontal side of the base I have installed two strips to hold inside the keel, plus two locks to avoid the keel to move forward and backward.
- Once inserted in this kind of cradle, the model doesn't move in any direction and, to extract, it is only necessary to lift it up.

Two views of the base from two different viewpoints, I apologize for the comments in italian language:
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050677.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050678.jpg
Next two images show the model in the "cradle" and highlight how it rests inside it just below the wale.
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050679.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050679b.jpg
Kind regards, Jack..




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Thursday June 11th, 2009


With this message I want to go more in deep on explaining some pictures shown in the previous message.
First of all another image of the basement that shows the model inside it with all the relevant points of support well visible and highlighted.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050680.jpg
And now let's show the solution selected for the gun ports.
There is an internal, not visible template, of the ports made with strips of 7 x 6mm. the frames are here 7 mm. so this template fills exactly inside them.
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050682.jpg
Outside I have installed the planks (5x2), taking care to cut the gun ports in the right place in a way to leave only a small part of wood to remove with a file. This refinement is not yet done here.
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050681.jpg
Last I need to explain that all these pieces of wood will not be visible once the gun ports will be complete because ther is another layer of planks to install inside and outside.
I coloured them in red just to make a test. My intention is to paint the Nelson's chequer (I think it is named so) in red, as it seems they were during the Trafalgar campaign. I decided to use not a red paint but a red stain over fair strips.
The visible result is under your eyes: I like it very much and, although now it may seem too light, with the oil it becomes more listless. I made some test and this seems to happen every time. It is also important to use properly the glue, without leaving any of it exceeding . .
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050683.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050684.jpg
See you next time, Jack.Aubrey

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Friday June 12th, 2009 


After my last message I completed the planking of the external sides upwards, with red stained lime wood. Now the entire area is planked and it is now rigid and strong. I removed the preshaped upper deck and in its place I put two strips of 6x6 fixed with the cyan glue, that is easier to remove if necessary. 
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050685.jpg
Now the first wale is complete: it is made with a total of three square walnut strips of 4x4
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050688.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050689.jpg
I finally experienced that the red colour is not the right colour to take perfect photos. If there is not the right light and exposure all the shadows and many of the details disappear.
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050690.jpg
Here below the "loft" definitely fixed in place.
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050691.jpg

Last two images of this sequence . . . 
06 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050687-1.jpg

07 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050686-1.jpg
See you next time, Jack.Aubrey


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this is beautiful. You guys, Italians, British and Germans are so lucky to have these kits distributed on a weekly basis. They offer a lot of nice kits which are unavailable anywhere else.


This cross-section seems to be of a nice size. I like it as most cross-section kits are always too small.


Excellent choice with your vegetable oil too. Hey after all, Italians have one of the best olive oil on the planet.


Please keep updating this Build Log as it is very interesting. Ciao.



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Hello Jack


I wanted to compliment you on the great job you are doing in building the Santisima Trinidad Cross Section. I am between models right now and I will start building the Santisima Trinidad Cross Section Model  tomorrow.  Your Kit build log is wonderful and I will use it as a reference as I build my Santisima Trinidad Cross Section. Thank you for posting it and for all the great pictures. This will be a big help in my model Construction.





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Yves, many thanks for your appreciations.


Vern, I'm honoured to become your reference for this model; I have done a lot of "customisations" that I will show in the future. I have also a lot of material to publish and if you will start your build soon I believe this material will becoome useful to you in time.


Wednesday June 17th, 2009


During the five days past from my last message I was able to finish the external and the internal planking at the level just above the lower gun deck.
Is is not a great step from a quantitative point of view but it was for me an interesting and very practical experience as I was able to understand that this method should be the right way to proceed for the gunports opening and, later, also for the gunport lids.
Again I used lime wood strips, coloured with red stain before installing them. I like the result. It is a work that requires a lot of patience, working with small pieces of wood that must be prepared in the right shape and dimension before installing them.
Here a close-up view of the zone described before, from the outside . . . 
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050702.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050704.jpg
Here, instead, it is possible to evaluate the internal side . . .
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050703.jpg
And here below, a couple of overall views . . .
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050705.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050707.jpg
Kind regards from Jack.Aubrey

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Additional details of the gun ports, belonging to the same time of the images of my previous message.


01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050711.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050712.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050714.jpg
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050708.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050709.jpg
That's all for now, I spent a couple of days at the computer to work on some plans for another model I think to start as soon as this cross section will be finished. Cheers. Jack.Aubrey


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Saturday June 27th


Ten days are now past since my previous message showing the progresses made on this cross section. Now De Agostini's instructions suggest to continue with the installation of the middle gun deck, and so on. But in this way it becomes evident that it will be very difficult to install later the guns. 
More specifically this approch makes totally impossible to install fully rigged guns as it is in my mind !!!
For this reason I decided to start a new task, not difficult to achieve but time consuming and boring: the installation of the 36 pounders guns in number of four.
The simplest task was to paint che gun barrells with a gun metal enamel. In fact these guns, on the real ship, were iron cast, not brass. Then I painted the trucks in red with the wheels in brown. I modified the trucks to install the ringbolts for the blocks. 
The boring task was to prepare the single pieces to rig the whole. I use the smallest block available on the market (2mm, one way) joint to a ringbolt that will be fixed on the truck or on the deck and the internal sides of the hull. To correctly mount four guns you need 24 of these objects: each gun uses six of them, 3 on the truck and 3 on the deck and the bulwark.
Here below you can see the four 36pdr guns, ready to be fixed in place on the lower gun deck. Unfortunately the trucks are metal cast and I don't like them too much. I thought to change them with the same but made with wood but I decided to postpone this idea to the guns that will be fully visible, and this will happen only on the last deck.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050715B.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050716B.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050717.jpg
Here below a test to see the guns positioned in place, just to see the visual effect. The work is still continuing, not too fast anyway.
04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050718.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050720.jpg
Cheers. Jack.Aubrey


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Saturday July 4th, 2009


Today I started the installation of the four guns on the lower gun deck. At the end of the session I was able to install, partially, only two of them,
The following three images show the work done. It's a task thar requires a lot of patience and time. They are close to be finished, the only element still missing is the recoil rope. It is not a big job but I need some time to relax myself before next session . .
Cheers, Jack.Aubrey
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050728C.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050729C.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050730C.jpg

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Wednesday July 8th, 2009


I finished the installation of the four guns, this afternoon I want to continue with some other minor pieces to install on this deck, such as stairs and pillars, and to place the beams of the intermediate gun deck.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050731B.jpg

02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050732B.jpg

03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050733B.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050735B.jpg

05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050736B.jpg
See you as soon as I will have new thing to show. Jack.Aubrey


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Friday July 10th, 2009


Now that the guns are over, I could restart with the next deck. Here below the two elements of this deck ready to be installed. The image shows the upper and the lower side together, in particular, for the lower side i repeated the "admiralty style" trick. These elements are soaked with oil for wood.
01 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050737.jpg
The next image shows what should become the final base for this model. Onestly I don't like it at all and, at the right time, I will have the problem to "invent" a display case for this model in order to keep it far from dust and other dangers.
02 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050738.jpg
Before installing the new deck I need to complete something on the lower deck, such as installing the pillars and a stairs . .
03 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050739.jpg

04 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050740.jpg
This is the last opportunity to look at the guns of the lower deck. When I will install the intermediate deck, it will be more difficult to see them as now . . someone can at this point ask to himself: why this huge work if you can see only a few part of it ? But the importanti thing for a ship modeler's mind is not to see it but to know that it is there . . 
05 Cross%20Section%20Santisima%20Trinidad/P1050741B.jpg
Now I think it is time for summer holidays and I will forget ship modelling for at least two/three weeks. The shipyard will reopen in August (keep in mind that I'm describing something happened 4 years ago, so take care of the date at the bebinning of the message). Cheers, Jack.

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