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work top air filters

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Hello Les here. I am considering a work top air filter for soldering work. The model I am looking at is the Weller model WSA 350 smoke absorber. Does anyone out there have experience with this unit. In Canada it retails for $120.00. So before coughing up some dollars some advice would be helpful. Thanx Les.

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My first reaction is that I think with the limited amount of soldering we do as hobbyists the smoke is not a major concern.  Technicians who solder all day long are the ones who would be most concerned.  However, I would use a small fan and position it to blow the smoke away from the soldering area - it will dissipate quickly, especially in a well-ventilated room.  I don't think spending that amount of money is warranted.


I also found a brief video on Instructables that shows making a 'smoke absorber' - actually just a small fan that pulls the smoke away from you.



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