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Model Shipways Mayflower or Armed Virginia sloop


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I want to begin with a new kit. I don't have a lot experience. A while ago, I have build the hull and deck of the HM Supply from Caldercraft.

But not finished this ship because some personal issues.


I like both ships, but it's hard to choose.


Can someone give me some advise about the two? Are they equal in difficulty?

Would the rigging and hull shape of the Mayflower be to complex for a novice?

The AMS is a bit bigger in scale, so that's a plus. But the Mayflowers manual is written by Chuck Passaro, that's a

plus to haha.


And does someone know what scale 5/32" = 1 ft is? I tried to figure it out, and does it come close to 1:75?



I would love to hear your opinion :)

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I just completed the Armed Virginia Sloop as my 2nd kit.  I personally would say to pick the one that you like the most, because that will go a long ways towards keeping you motivated to finish.  Personally I don't care for the style of the ships from the Mayflower period, so I don't know that I would ever finish one (it would need to be given to me first of all, because I'd certainly never buy one!).


The other things to consider is the various difficulty factors.


Hull shape - I think the bluff bows are more difficult to plank properly, but I've never done one.

Masts/rigging - the Mayflower is going to have more complicated rigging I believe.

Scale - 1:48 (1/4") scale vs. 1:77 (5/32") roughly, if my math is right.


My first kit was at 1:80 scale, and I found it somewhat difficult to work at that small scale, whereas 1/48 I found to be much easier to work with, and allows more detail that can be reasonably visible.


With the help of this forum, and some patience, I think you could do either one, but in the end, I still think the driving force should be "Which one do you like the most", as I think that will be better for your personal motivation.

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I agree with Brian.  I just finished a scratch build of the Mayflower from the Model Shipways plans and instructions.  Planking the bluff bow is definitely harder, and the small scale is a little more difficult.  There are many more ratlines to contend with, and overall the rigging is more complex.


Brian used a lot of after-market items from Chuck's company, and his ship is awesome - check out his build log.

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Good luck.  Make sure to start a build log and ask plenty of questions when you have issues.


I seriously doubt I would have successfully finished my first kit (the Carmen) without this forums help, and I got that help by posting a build log, showing pictures of the issues I ran into, and asking for help (along with reading all of the other resources and build logs on the forum).  Lots of information here, and lots of people willing to help you when you run into problems!

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