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Ship Painting Techniques - Moved by Moderator

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I am just getting back into modeling after 35 years.  A lot has changed especially the kits.  I am older now and my hands are not as steady, also with a recent heart attach my stamina and nerves are a little off.  What are somw tips on painting wood ship models?  Do you paint as you go along, i.e. before you put the parts together or install them? How do you paint the waterline?  How about the plank sheer-wales and bulwarks.  Looking at some model ships members have done the detailed painting is unbelievable.  Any help is appreciated.  Good Forum.  I had belonged to Lauck's Forum but he shut it down recently.

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Officer Cadet.  That's about what I thought after goofing up several deck fittings.  I try and not paint an area where I will be glueing the item to something else.  Someone said if you do not you end up only glueing to glue.  I bought one of those waterline marking devices which I will use to mark the lines and then apply the tape.  What is the best tape? Masking-vinyl-electrical?  Do you apply poly-acrylic to your fittings prior to painting?  I have heard Badger Paints are the best but having a hard time in finding a supplier for them.


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