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Hi All


I need some help with the gratings on my 1577 Revenge.


The kit has brass grating but I did not like them so got some wooden ones.


Can anyone advise me if the gratings on the Revenge was Iron or wood.



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Hi Denis,


The real gratings were wood. Iron gratings don't show up until the steel hulled ships of the late 19th century.


The brass gratings in the Amati kit I think were intended to create a very accurate representation of wooden gratings. The idea is not to leave them brass, but to paint them appropriately. As I recall, the gratings show fine detail in proper scale.


Personally, I would consider using them, as there's no real advantage to buying manufactured wooden ones. Most of the time, the wooden ones are out of scale and may not fit as precisely as the kit design intends. The only time I'd consider wooden ones is if you got ones produced by Chuck Passaro's Syren Ship Model Company in 1/64-scale, or if you were going to make your own, which is a bit of a process.




P.S. This thread is posted in the wrong topic. Should be in the Deck Furniture or Kit Discussions sections or something similar as it is not a build log.

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Clare Hess

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Hi Brian


I don't know yet.

If I use the brass ones then it will not be possible to paint them to look like wood with a good result.

Or I could use brass blackening like you use for the cannons ?.


May be better to use the wooden ones.



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I got a picture from Chris Watton's Photobucket, showing the painted gratings. They look OK, the only problem I see wioth those gratings is that they are the 'wrong side up', being not flat on the upper side, but ont the underside.



(PS in that same photobucket are quite a lot pictures of the building process of the beta-model.)



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