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I was issuing my question at the New Member Introduction part, but it may be that it will be ignored by some people, so once again:

As my first wooden ship model I am building the ketch Clara May after David McGregor plans. When building the deck fittings I was wondering what are these structures (marked with red arrows), and how do they look like in reality? To be able to build these as accurately as possible a picture of a real ship or finished model would be great to show the items from perspective.





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Right hand is pumps, I believe, of a type still used, there would be a short handle on each.

Left hand arrow is the binnacle, compass inside, the two circles I believe are vents for the oil lanterns inside.


Pump- an older version of this one-




Binnacle- this has only one vent, and the vent is taller than is shown on your plan-



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There is a model, I can't seem to relocate it, was not bright enough to tag it when I had it, on line that shows the rectangular structures as copper tanks, first impression was fresh water, but as she was equipped with an engine they may be fuel tanks, there are no facets or plugs to draw water from. Those circles alongside the mast, shown in the overhead view look like they have hinges, makes me wonder if they are there to vent the engine space that was fitted sometime during her career. I question them being pumps, although the model I mentioned had pumps, modeled as Elm pumps, placed there. If the suction inlets were below the pumps, they would not be the low point of the hull and would need elbows between the suction inlet and the pump to clear the bilges of water.. All speculation on my part, probably wrong in my opinion but it might trigger a responce from someone who knows for sure.




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Definitely bilge pumps to port and starboard of the mast. The two Objects abaft the mast are steel tanks - whether fuel or water I don't know, but most probably water.


The binnacle shown in Joel's post is a much older type than would have been on your ketch - the one shown in the photo at this link would be more like yours - http://genius.com/2407478


There is a photo of the Clara may on the 'Bude Past and Present' site, which is at this link - http://bude-past-and-present.org.uk/clara-may/



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Jim Lad's got the binnacle, and it's back just in front of the wheel.  Didn't see it back there, was focused on the structures near the mast.

The stern deadwood (see the Bude link above) would make the bilge drain down at least very near the foot of the mast.  This is a modern version of the elm tree pump, set low near to deck level.  I should think it was kind of hard on the back to work the handle for very long.

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