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schooner in a bottle by mhmtyrl - Bottle - Finished

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hello every body

thisi is my first attempt in building a ship in bottle, the plan belong to souvenirs de marines album.

actually this is a top sail schooner, for the sake of simplicity I skipped the square sails and many of the stays etc.

Next time I will try to add all the rigging (if possible :-)








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thank you Bob

the sea bed is actually home made play-doh, my wife found a recepie from net (just google it, you may easily find), we added blue acrylic paint during steering.


then I added the dough inside the bottle in little pieces and flattened them by tools I have made from skewers we use for barbecue :-) I can attach some photos for them too if needed.

then via the tip of the skewers I made waves, not very big ones, but some are big too (so make them randomly in terms of size, but they had better follow a line-check out the wave patterns of a real sea photo)

then with a white acrylic I added white to top of the waves

this is how I made, I have watched nice you tube videos for this, check it out :-)




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Its a very nice Ship in a Bottle! Also I love hearing from a model builder in Ankara-Türkiye! Also I will point you in the direction of this website dedicated to Ships in Bottles: http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/ which has a lot of resources for ship in bottle builders much like this website Model Ship World.

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thank you Andrew, I guess you'll see the rest of the fleet soon as I am so motivated by the comments :-), Frankie thanks for the resource, I registered to that site too, hope I will learn more about bottled ship building.


I reccomend model ship building in bottle to every one; it is fantastic, so enjoyable but also very annoying at times :-)

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