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HM Cutter Cheerful by Endlesshunt - 1:48 POB - Small - 1806

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I have been lurking on this forum since just after V2.0 came to life. I really love the ships that come to life on this forum, created by some very skilled and talented people. My hat off to all of you. :) :) (You know who you are)


I believe that I have learned a lot by reading and watching. I did not say anything because I did not believe that I had anything to add.


I have been doing a lot of scratch building of RC aircraft over the years and also enjoyed flying them.

But after losing most of the use of my right thumb after a motorcycle accident I could not fly anymore.


I have finally decided to take a plunge into the deep water.


I have ordered Chuck's laser-cut short kit of the HMS Cheerful and I'm now waiting for it to arrive, should be here early to mid January 2016.


:( I have already made a mistake :(

Only after the order was shipped did I see that I could have ordered it in Swiss Pear - Bummer. :o (Chuck, I will be contacting you shortly again for the keel and transom parts in pear.)


My plan is to build the Cheerful in different woods as I find ships build from contrasting woods to be subtle yet bold. A good example of this is the HMS Vulture by Dan Vadas.


I want to build the keel, visible parts of the frames and rails in Swiss Pear. Planking is to be in Castello Boxwood and deck in Holly. Deck furniture will most probable be a mix of pear and boxwood.


Well, that is it for now, back to waiting :cheers:




Deon Engelmann

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Thanks everybody for all the likes, and I've not even made any dust yet :o :o


Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas. :pirate41:


Feels like I'm waiting for Christmas all over again as I wait for the parts to arrive.


@Chuck, If you ever read this. I'm currently reading through your build article on the Syren. I want to build the companion way open as you did on her. So I'm already starting to think about how to modify the ships skeleton for a sub or hidden deck as in the photo below (got it from the build article on the Syren). Could you maybe give some ideas on which bulkheads would be affected? And what the distance from the upper deck to the lower deck was?


I will also need to start thinking of my wood list for this build. What I should order in Pear, Boxwood and Holly.




Deon Engelmann


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While still patiently waiting for our postal service to deliver my orders from Chuck I decided to start making some of the tools that I might need in the future of this build


The first one is a rope hook to be used when rigging. It was made using 5" needle and a custom made handle.

The handle was made from some nicely spalted dowel, got no idea what tipe of wood it is.

The needle is epoxied into a hole drilled an inch deep with a #61 drill.




Because of the damage to my thumb (the ligament was torn out in a motorcycle accident and I have nearly no movement in my thumb) I had to make the handle just.. so.. so that it would be easy for me to use it.






Finally the eye was cut open with an abrasive disc in the dremmel and the sharp edges was softened with some emery paper.




The next tool to be made will be a very sharp awl, again from a 2" needle and a custom handle.


Cheers till next time



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Good news.


I received my first order from Chuck today, after our postal service (wonder if you could actually call it a service?) took 42 days to deliver.




I have re-ordered some of the parts in Swiss Pear as I described in a earlier post but at least I can now start with the build.


For those that might be interested, the NMM drafts for the Cheerful can be order from the following link:




It shows all six drawings that is available





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Thanx Erik and Pete, also for all the likes.


I'm now busy re-reading the first chapters of Chucks monologue and build log before doing anything on her.


Pete, the start of this build does not mean that I forgot about the BB14. I'm ordering some extra wood for the BB14 with my Cheerful wood order.

I'm just waiting for the final DHL quote from Jason at Crown Timberyard then my wood will be on their way.





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A small update. I have started on my Cheerful


First off joined the two false keel pieces taking care to get everything as straight as I could.

I used yellow wood glue.






After leaving it for a couple of hours for the glue to cure, I cleaned up the joint and did a test fit of the bulkheads.




I've made some cutouts in the false keel between bulkheads 6 and 14 and in bulkheads 8, 10 and 12 to make some space for the command cabin and the gun room.

The command cabin is under the skylight and the gun room is under the companionway.

I want to build my companionway with it's doors and top hatch open.

I'm not sure how much will be visible through the skylight and companionway so it might just be a planked deck or there might be some extra details, will still decide on it.









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Mike, Ken and Tom, make yourselves at home.


Plenty of open chairs still available. The popcorn machine is there in the back of the room, help yerselves.


This build might be going slow for a while. I'm still waiting for a lot of materials, wood etc.


Also I got a shed load of work on Monday morning.

I'm a software developer focusing on systems integration.

We were given a small budget for starting to develop some IoT (Internet of Things) ideas.

We did come up with a concept and build a prototype (sorry, still top secret so can't say much about it)

The prototype was still in breadboard stage when it was shown to management last week.

They spoke to sales and... we were told on Monday morning that we have to demo it to a client on Friday.


As one of my other hobbies is messing around with 3D printing, I got the task to design an enclosure for it.

I have to draw it up in 3D cad, have the design approved, print it and finish it up all by Wednesday COB.

Thursday we have to fit it all in the casing and make sure it still works.


So a very crazy week so far.


Added 3 photos. One of parts printing as I type this, a photo of the software controlling the printer and an over view of my computer station.









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Hi, I know I've been quiet here lately. My wife was in hospital for surgery which was successful and she is now back home recovering.


On a lighter note, I received notification this morning from Jason that my wood order has shipped :cheers:


So hopefully I will be getting some workshop time again and get on with ship building



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Hi, long time no see.


This last month was absolutely crazy, both at home and at work. We finished 2 projects and started another 3 at work and my time for software development on the one project was cut from 6 days to 3, crazeeeee!!!


But fortunately I'm on leave next week so I will finally have some time in the shipyard.


I got all my stuff that I ordered from Chuck and also received my wood from Jason. Thanks guys, it was a pleasure dealing with you two.

I even got a white towel :D :D :D :D :D so my cutter should come out looking good. :cheers:


I must now just :D build a small saw to cut my wood but in the meantime I will make a proper start on the keel and bulkheads. I do have a fretsaw as well as a band saw for freehand work but nothing to rip planks with. Also got a lathe and a milling machine so building a small saw should not be too big of a problem.



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What a year this was!! Life threw one curve ball after the other. There was more hospital time for both my wife and myself. My diabetes took a slight turn for the worse but is fortunately still manageable.


I still do not have any way of ripping the planks for the build, still thinking of building a (very basic) small table saw for it as I simply cannot afford to buy one, If anybody got any sort of drawings/plans for one I would appreciate it.



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Snoop around in the Tools area here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/18-modeling-tools-and-workshop-equipment/  I've seen several home built table saws.  If you don't find anything (use the search feature while in that forum) try posting the question there.


I hope your health and that of your wife continues to improve.

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