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Another way to make rope

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When my wife suggested new draperies for the family room she wanted to throw away the old vertical blinds.  Naturally I said no, there must be a use for that big aluminum bracket!!


So after it laid around a few weeks (as new ideas often do), I decide to try and make it my "track" for the MS rope walk.

I stripped off the mounting brackets but kept the plastic center mounting brackets.

I drilled couple holes in them and mounted each end to the two brackets.  I kept these because they slide freely in the aluminum angle.

Th overall bracket is 10" long so I set each of the two MS rope walk parts a foot in at each end.

Strung some crochet and made the first attempt.

While counter winding (the first step in the MS instructions) the winding handle sliped and would no onger turn the eyes, So I went to the left  side and counterclockwise rotated until the rope threds looked like rope ;o)


I didn't wax the thread first which I think I should have done.  And as you can see in the photo the rope is not evenly wrapped end to end, near the right hand side it was closer or tighter wrapped.

I cut it off the device and tied the ends.  It only unwrapped slightly.

Any further suggestions on technique are welcome and solicited.

My overall opinion is that it will work well and create 9' lengths of rope very nicely when mentioned bugs are fixed.

I was disappointed that the MS crank did not perform as advertised, way too flimsy.







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